As the holiday season approaches, so does contemplating what is going to be on the Thanksgiving menu. Many families do the traditional turkey or ham, and some even bake a huge prime rib. These are all amazing meals that would satisfy even the most sophisticated palette; however, a new type of Thanksgiving meal is becoming the new normal. Turducken is becoming more and more popular, because cooking a turkey and all of the sides isn’t quite gluttonous enough.


Now, most people do not even know what “turducken” is, but it’s quite the meal. A turducken is a boned, stuffed chicken placed inside of a boned and stuffed duck (we are already getting big here), then all of this meat is placed inside of a partially-boned and stuffed turkey. That is a FEAST! The meal preparation is not to be taken lightly either. Making a turducken will take time and lots of patience.

Turducken Stuffing

The awesomeness of turducken also comes with all of the different stuffing variations. Imagine being able to stuff your turducken with a dirty rice stuffing, or perhaps a traditional corn bread stuffing; or add some flavor with Andouille smoked sausage dressing. There are plenty of different stuffing recipes you will be able to choose from to make your traditional turducken a masterpiece.

Cooking Your Turducken

Most would imagine cooking a turducken is going to take hours and hours, but cooking your meal isn’t going to take as long as you might think. Keep in mind your turducken is going to be thawed meat, so that makes a difference. There are a few different variations, but the general cooking recipe is to roast your turducken for at least fifteen minutes, then bake your turducken for approximately three hours at 225 degrees. It’s highly recommended to find a recipe and follow it, just so you end up with the results you are looking for. Plus, if you have a huge Thanksgiving party, then you want to be sure your meal is perfect.

Turducken Side Dishes

Besides the fact it’s Thanksgiving, one can realistically still cook all of the normal Thanksgiving side dishes like green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, baked sweet yams, and pumpkin pie. These are perfectly fine dishes, but if you are thinking of trying out new dishes, then it’s a great time to do some recipe researching to find new dishes that will taste amazing with your turducken. Try sticking with a salad or something with green vegetables just for balance. Also, another great side dish might be something that has cheese in it. Whatever your choice might be, try to keep it on the lighter side just because turducken is a great deal of protein.

Thanksgiving and even Christmas are perfect opportunities to try out something new for the holidays. The added bonus about turducken is the size. Plenty of family members and friends will be stuffed full from the wonderful taste of turducken and all the amazing side dishes.


Will turducken be on your holiday table?