Tattooing Robot…No More Misspelled Names

Appropriate Audiences have come up with the latest just in time to get ready for Christmas. Though it may not be ready that soon, how would you like to get the man who has everything his own self-tattooing robot? The first mechanical artists will probably go to seasoned professionals who can keep an eye out over their silicone student just make sure everything is working right. But, in the near future, it should be possible to take a selfie, download it to your new Christmas toy and voila! Instant permanent tatto.

The Original Hack

A MakerBot 3D printer was hacked to become the world’s first mechanical tattoo robot artist. Pierre Emm, Piotr Widelka and Johan Da Silveir took the challenge from a design school in France and took eight hours to hack the machine to become their newest artist. The challenge was from France’s Cultural Ministry and the task was to take something in the public domain and make something new out of it. These three students may have hit upon the latest trend since Pokemon Go.

Bad Tattoos

The whole idea behind the endeavor is to avoid any future bad tattoo. You know the ones. Last year’s girlfriend (or boyfriend). The latest craze soon forgotten. Or the worst: by someone who thinks he really is an artist and your skin is paying for it the rest of your life. Who wants to be reminded the correct spelling of an easy word every week of your life? While this tattoo robot can’t help with bad life decisions, it can preview what you will really be getting and you can say yea or nay to the actual tattoo before it is too late. How about that? Lives saved.

Who’s first?

There is something to be said about being the first. Is it bravery or stupidity? The thing is, how can you know until it is too late? The first recipient to receive a robot tattoo was strapped into a chair and drawn a spiral on the skin. The spiral was chosen because it is considered a simple tattoo and hopefully even a robot can’t mess it up. The experiment proved to be a success and the public is awaiting their next step in design.

Map And Scan

Before the first ink is pricked into your skin, a computer will scan your body part in question to get an accurate 3D map of where the machine will operate. Once it knows every contour and dimple on the to-be affected area of your body, the tattoo robot can plan down to the micrometer of where it will inject the ink just under the skin. With this new procedure, you will now be able to see what you get before you get it. Get it?

Blink And You’re Done

The tattoo robot can inject little drops of ink under your skin at the rate of 150 times per second. Will that be to fast to hurt? Probably not. But it could be fast enough to get small simple jobs done before you start screaming for your mommy. The longer ones will take a little longer but you won’t have to worry about any of the jabs being at inconsistent depths. With some human tatto artists refusing certain tattoos because of thin skin layers over bone, this might be a way to get that perfect tattoo of your dog over the loose skin of your elbow. Who wouldn’t want that? One thing is for sure, it could be faster than any regrets you might have.


If you were to get a tattoo, would you trust a robot?