Surprise! Dairy is Bad For Humans; But It’s Worse Than That

Dairy is scary! This is perhaps the most concise way to put it. Yet, so many people around the world, especially the United States, continue to consume massive amounts of dairy every day. Despite its mass acceptance, dairy is – surprise! – one of the most harmful foods you can eat. Intended for consumption by calves, the way milk is treated today leads to addictions, hurts bone density, and can lead to a variety of other serious health issues.

Milk Is Meant for Babies

Just like humans produce milk when they need to feed their young, the same is true for cows. This means all of the milk we constantly get is thanks to a bunch of mother cows that have recently given birth. How do they continue giving birth? What happens to the babies? Well, let your imagination control how this cycle works, but sufficed to say it is not anything you want to talk about with your kids.

Cow’s Milk Creates Addictions

Cow’s milk contains a powerful opiate known as casomorphine. More specifically, milk gets its protein in the form of casein, which is broken down in the digestive system as casomorphine. These semantics will allow a proponent of big dairy to argue there are no harmful chemicals added to the milk. Though there may or may not be anything added, that does not change the fact it’s there. In other words, the more you drink milk the more your body will crave it.

Acidity Hurts Bone Mass

Milk is highly acidic, which throws off the body chemistry and can cause a variety of issues. Among these issues is the fact milk actually robs the bones of calcium. Though milk does contain a fair share of calcium, an important nutrient, the acidity in the milk causes the body to fight back. Since the best way for the body to neutralize this acidity is with calcium, it actually robs calcium from the bones during this process. This is why the countries who consume the most cow’s milk have the highest reported instances of bone-related health issues.

It Causes Serious Health Issues

Virtually all commercial milk is pasteurized and homogenized, which actually changes the milk on a chemical level. Pasteurization was originally developed as a way to prevent pathogens from growing, but it actually does much more than this, often destroying the nutrients found in milk. This robs the milk of nutritional value and can have detrimental effects on those drinking it. The homogenization process has a similar effect, spreading the natural fats into smaller molecules so the milk comes out as a uniform liquid. Unfortunately, these have unintended health consequences.

So, not only are you drinking something that is meant for a baby cow, but then you are modifying it even further. The effects have been linked to minor conditions such as acne and constipation to more major health challenges like sinusitis, heart disease, and even diabetes.

What to Do?

If you have cow’s milk in your house, go directly to your refrigerator and throw it away. Don’t even finish that harmful crap. It has done nothing but cause harm to your body, so get rid of it before you end up regretting your life decisions. Go ahead and buy yourself some almond milk or coconut milk instead. Or, just eat plenty of dark green, leafy vegetables. Either way, there are plenty of tricks out there to ensure
you get enough calcium.


Do you have other reasons not to drink milk? What do you use instead of cow’s milk?

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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