Even if you’re a huge fan of music, there are still a few instruments you probably haven’t heard of before. They might not be as useful as a guitar or a drum set, but they sure are interesting. After all, why would you want to pick up an instrument everyone has seen when you could play a sound for them they’ve never heard before? If you’re looking for a new hobby, here are some of the strangest musical instruments you can learn to play.

Hyperbass Flute

This is the largest member of the flute family. It’s called the hyperbass flute, which is about thirty-two feet tall. Even though it takes a lot of air to make this instrument work, it only creates a soft sound, which is the reason why it hasn’t become all that popular to play. Not many musicians want to use up all of their breath on an instrument that barely makes a sound.


You’ve probably never heard of this instrument before, even though it was created all the way back in 1850. It only has three strings, but it is even larger than an upright bass. It’s possible for one person to play it, but it was originally considered a two-player vessel, where one person would operate the bow and the other would deal with fingering the strings.


A sharpsichord is an automatic acoustic harp. It allows musicians to compose their own music by simply screwing a pin into the machine. The benefits of this instrument? It’s permanently in tune, and it’s played by mechanical memory. That means you can make it play the song you composed backward or forwards whenever you’d like.


A Fluba was originally created for a man who wanted a tuba-sized flugel horn. A man named Robb Stewart created the instrument for him out of various parts he found. It creates a mellow sound like a cross between “an F tuba and a cimbasso.”

Contrabass Balalaika

This is a triangular wooden instrument with only three strings. You can choose to play it with either your fingers or a pick, although it’s usually played with the latter. Some people equate them to a stand-up bass; they originate in Russia instead of Europe.


A theremin is an electronic musical instrument you play by moving your hands over the top of it. It’s unique because you don’t actually have to put your hands against the instrument in order for it to make a sound. The antennas on it will pick up your hand’s movements, which is what causes it to play.

Pikasso Guitar

Most guitars only have one neck. However, a Pikasso Guitar has four different necks. That means it has 42 strings. Since there are so many different parts to the instrument, it’s difficult to play, but it can create a wide range of sounds. That’s what makes it so special.


Do you know how to play any strange musical instruments?




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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