Still Don’t Believe in Global Warming?


Weather, Doomsday prophecies and just plain science can be so confusing when studied alone. When all three combine together, how can we make any sense at all? Is Global Warming really happening? Is the world making less sense every day? I feel like I am back in grade school again. Here is an attempt to see how Global Warming is affecting us all.

Is That Methane or are Your Cows Glad to See Me?

Methane has been considered a green alternative to fossil fuels and safer for the planet. Normally, the butt of a cow fart joke, methane is now treading on dangerous ground. Especially at the SoCalGas Aliso Canyon storage facility northwest of Los Angeles. There has been a leak happening since October of last year and the end isn’t in site for at least two more months. That will be five months of leaking a dangerous gas into the atmosphere near Los Angeles where they might not notice it because of the smog. However, methane is much more of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. It is also a danger to human health and is flammable! Want to see global warming in a hurry? Light a match. The Earth will catch fire and everyone will suffer the second hand smoke.

It’s Getting Warmer

2015 was the warmest year in recorded history. Granted, records have only been kept on that large of a scale since 1880, but it is still a growing trend. We are now experiencing warmer temperatures than our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents did when they were the youth of a nation. Polar caps are melting. Polar bears are moving to Antarctica. The only good news is our winter heating bills are getting smaller.

The Oceans Are Coming to You

Over the last 100 years, the sea level has risen almost seven inches. At that rate we still have 7 1/2 million years before our investment profits in Reno beach front property will materialize but we still have many parts of the Earth losing ground today. Long before Reno will be recognized as a sea port, the streets of Manhattan will turn into waterways. If you are worried about crocodiles in the sewers… try crossing the street.

Shrinking Ice

Greenland may soon become literally a green land. Greenland has been losing anywhere from 36 to 60 cubic MILES(!) of ice cover per year! Read that twice. I said cubic MILES! The Arctic ice cap is shrinking. Glaciers everywhere in the world are retreating. Still don’t believe in global warming? You will when the price of ice rises higher than the sea levels.

Strange weather

Normally, Malua Bay is a warm tropical beach in Australia. It’s average temperature is a warm 86 degrees Farenheit. But, in a strange, ironic event, global warming has actually brought winter, even if for a day, to paradise. While nearby communities woke up to temperatures much warmer, Malua Bay woke up to a white covering on one day in 2013. It may look like snow but it is actually the deposit from a hail storm. Global warming seems to be causing a changing shift in our weather patterns.

For 2015, we saw four different tropical cyclones invade Australia in the same month in March. All four were bearing down on May 12. On March 23, Antarctica recorded the highest temperatures ever at 63 degrees. For some that is T-Shirt weather. For Mother’s Day, the US experienced a winter and a tropical storm on the same day. I guess Mother Nature was feeling ignored.

This is just a small sampling of all the bad and strange weather we saw for 2015. What will we see for 2016?


How will you stay cool during the winter?