Are Those Really Bears? Check Out These Other Animals That Were More Human Than Animal

The internet broke again the other day when a video showing a mama bear and her cubs escaping the heat by jumping into Lake Tahoe alongside paddle-boarders and swimmers. None of the involved parties seemed to care as the day trickled away, but the whole thing got us thinking: “what other animals have been caught trying to disguise themselves as human beings?” Check out the video below and see the other animals that were more human that animal…

Are Those Really Bears? Check Out These Other Animals That Were More Human Than Animal

Kick-starting our list is the all too famous, all too lovable Tillman the skateboarding dog. His antics don’t stop there, however, because Tillman doesn’t just skateboard, he also rides a skimboard and surfs. Pretty much any opportunity he had to ride some sort of board, he would take. Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything more “90’s America” than a skateboarding bulldog enjoying the California summer.

Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey, Hello My Ragtime Gaaaaaaal.” We’ve all heard of a lounge lizard, but a lounge frog? That’s exactly what happened when this bystander captured this infamous clip of a frog chillin’ on a bench like a little, slippery human being. The video’s description had this to say: “Never seen nothing like this before. The video was shot entirely fortuitously. The frog is OK. There is no nails, no glue, animal abuse, etc. Later, he jumped off the bench and galloped away to the water.” Honestly, what is the world coming to?!

Last but not least, the subjects of our initial conversation. The video, originally posted by KCRA on Tuesday, was provided by viewer Pallas Buckley and it shows a mother bear and her cubs playing, splashing, and having a good old time in Lake Tahoe. “At Lake Tahoe, we get bears down at the lake frequently.” Jason Holley, a supervising wildlife biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told KCRA. Holley also told the television station that bears use the lake to cool off because a lot of their natural streams have dried up during the ongoing drought in the region. “That bear clearly has no fear of people,” Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan told KCRA. “So do not help wildlife. Do not feed wildlife. Do not take a selfie with the wildlife. It can be incredibly dangerous.”

Even if they are pretending to be human…


What are your thoughts? Would you dive right in and play a game of water polo with those cuddly bears? Have you seen an animal trying to be more human than animal? Let us know and get those bible quotes ready: comment below and share on Facebook!