This is Possibly the Strangest Video on the Internet Right Now

A reddit user by the name of “LikeMyMen” posted a video to /r/creepy entitled “Possibly the creepiest thing I’ve ever watched” – and we agree. The video is about two women being chased by a cannibal at the mall – and there’s not much else in terms of plot. Visually, it’s an exceedingly trippy avant garde art video, with stunning color mixing, and experimental vintage film and editing effects.  It looked like a bizarre, early 80’s New Wave music video at first, but then it progressed into a darker tone. Besides the creepy, monotonous sing-talking and sexual harassment work-video tone, there is a scary man in a tuxedo with a mutilated face throughout the four-and-a-half minute clip stalking the women while they try on perfumes. The video cuts between the two women and random clips of someone running in the snow, dogs, a building being demolished, and other oddities too bizarre to name.

After reading some of the comments, a user by the name of “superkoop” knows the origin of the film, saying:

“I know about this! This was project that a professor of mine from film school was involved in. It is an avant-garde (weird for the sake of weird) video made in the late ’80s as I recall. I hadn’t thought of her for over 20 years but as soon as I heard her voice it was instantaneous recognition. I did make what I thought were some pretty weird films in school and she was always “but could you push the boundaries more?” There were two gay guys in my class that she loved because boy, did they push boundaries.”

Apparently, an artist named Cecelia Condit made this video and others like it. Another reddit user named “nannerpussforever” also knew who she was:

Yeah she’s actually a feminist filmmaker and this was one of her short films designed to counter Hollywood illusionism and the ‘flawless’ representations in dominant, commercial cinema. Its [sic] supposed to remove the pleasures associated with the viewing practices of these films, which clearly it does a fantastic job of popping up here! I also know this as I did a project on her and a few other feminist filmmakers for a University film class.

Other netizens either loved it or hated it. Regardless of the reviews, it’s definitely more original than anything Hollywood has come up with recently. You can watch the entire movie here.


What did you guys think of the video? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? Was it weird or what?




Zara Zhi
Zara Zhi
Zara is a freelance writer and filmmaker who has worked for numerous magazines and news sites. When not coming up with puns or writing screenplays, she enjoys having blind children read to her and donating plasma TVs. Follow her on Twitter: @zarazhi