Police Officer Loses His Mind When Citizen Knows His Rights

It’s always a great time when an officer of the “law” gets butt-hurt over citizens knowing their own rights as an American. This little piggy just can’t stand anyone not obeying his bullsh*t orders at any whim; and as you’ll see in the video, he loses his mind completely. Utterly beautiful. It even seems like he’s about to break down crying after he snaps and hurls some heavy curses along with his notepad at the calm and intelligent citizen. Bet you’ve never seen that before!

Know your rights and don’t be afraid to stand up to the man! They aren’t as powerful as they want you to believe. You’re an American, and although the NDAA has stripped away a few essential rights, you still have a right to not be harrassed by cops when you aren’t doing anything wrong or illegal. Outsmart them to rise above this failing legal system and know what you’re allowed to do!

For another fun video showing how to resist police inspections at DUI checkpoints, check out our other article HERE and see how the pros pull it off without ever having to answer to “the man.”



Cody Klewin
Cody Klewin
Cody Klewin is the owner of Article Cats, as well as one of its contributing authors. Cody spends his time concocting insane ideas for weird articles and hiding under a desk when the hate-mail flies in. He enjoys Legos, the Tourettes Guy, and also enjoys dressing up like Skeletor while stalking people on golf courses or ice-skating rinks.