Parkour: The Most Dangerous Way to Look Cool

Over the years, parkour has developed and grown to encompass its own separate culture around the world. From those who just practice the simple moves to others who go above and beyond to show some really cool athletic movements, it offers quite a show. But, what exactly is Parkour, and why is it so popular?

What is Parkour?

Evidence points to the activity being around since the 1930s, though it was not popular. Wonder if it had to do with the limited medical access? In the 1980s, probably the coolest thing to ever come from France, Parkour was developed as a holistic training method to teach people to get around more efficiently. By looking at the aspects of the environment around them, practitioners look to cut down their travel time and move through the quickest means available. This often involves acrobatic applications such as jumping, swinging, or scaling walls.

Why Is It So Popular?

Okay, this is probably not the best question. After all, your friend looked pretty cool as he bypassed those obstacles and made a clean landing. Beyond just looking amazing though, it also requires a high level of fitness to achieve these feats, which could help to account for the popularity. As anyone who is already active knows, once you really start exercising it gets to the point that the rush you feel becomes nothing short of addicting.

It’s Inherently Dangerous

Alright, it certainly does look like there is some danger involved, but that just makes it more exciting, right? After all, adrenaline can be fun, so why not get yours going by navigating your urban environment in style? No matter how you cut it though, it is inherently dangerous, which is attractive to many people.

Seriously, How Do They Not Snap Their Neck?

At this point, it is actually more a question of how parkour has survived when the practitioners participate in such dangerous stunts. After all, one miscalculated movement and it’s all over. Still, they somehow keep going on, no worse for the wear.


Do you know anyone who practices parkour? Would you try learning it yourself?

Additional Images: Wikimedia / Parkour Foundations



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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