Whether for art, history, or just something unusual, museums are some of the most exciting points of interest in any given city. Some travelers vacation in specific areas exclusively due to the local museums. The next time you are looking to travel, perhaps you want to consider one of these oddest museums to plan around.

The Devils Rope Museum

Located in McLean, Texas, this particular destination makes one wonder. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to dedicate an entire museum to barbed wire? Apparently, someone in Texas had an unhealthy obsession, because this museum was founded as a tribute to barbed wire. Open from March to November, this interesting collection allows you to “get hooked on barbed wire.” From different types of wire to sculptures made from them, you can find everything you ever wanted about this wire and so much more. Just make sure not to try and touch anything while you are there.

Museum Of Pez Memorabilia

Located in Burlingame, California, the Museum of Pez Memorabilia should be a welcome visit for anyone who had a childhood in the United States. These delicious, sugary candies were sure to be some of your favorites growing up, and it wasn’t because the flavors. Instead, you likely enjoyed all of the many dispensers in your collection. With over 900 unique Pez characters in the collection, this interesting museum promises to deliver some real nostalgia and definitely ranks as one of the oddest museums.

The Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum

Unless you are really into niche collections, you likely don’t have many salt and pepper shakers lying around the house. Despite this, anyone visiting Gatlingburg, Tennessee should consider dropping in the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. The only museum of its kind in the world, this exhibit includes over 20,000 different sets of salt and pepper shakers. It may be hard to grasp just what that would look like, but rest assured it is nothing short of fascinating. No matter how fascinating it might be though, nothing changes the fact that this is one of the oddest museums out there today.

A New Oddity-The Museum of Ice Cream

Just opened up in New York City, this Museum of Ice Cream is a new sort of oddity that you likely won’t get to enjoy anytime soon. After opening up, the museum quickly sold all of its 30,000 tickets. At present, it is planned to run for a month, but who knows if this might be adjusted down the road? Regardless, this odd new museum earns its place on the list as it presents everything ice cream. Not only do they utilize interesting decor like these ice cream cone lights, but they also offer plenty of tasty treats. One of their more interesting treats includes a special candy that makes anything sour taste sweet, so be prepared to confuse your taste buds. If you can’t get over there yourself, just make sure to check out the pictures on Instagram.


Have you visited any of these oddest museums? Do you think there are any other museums that need to be included in on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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