Wine is practically the hero of alcoholic drinks, what with a new study coming out every week about how healthy it is. (Healthy in moderation, of course.) We already know that it’s heart healthy, brain healthy, protects against some cancers, might be able to keep you thin, and can be comparable to an hour of exercise. If that wasn’t enough, a new study was just released claiming that wine can reduce the odds of getting the degenerative disease osteoarthritis…of the knees.

The study done at the University of Nottingham found that people who had 4-6 glasses of wine each week had decreased their odds of getting osteoarthritis by 45 percent. More is not better in this case however, as people who glugged down more than one glass of wine each day could actually increase their risk by 76 percent. Yikes.

So what is it about wine that keeps the knees so young and spritely? Wine is full of antioxidants that reduce inflammation in the body and keep everything functioning better. Namely quercetin, tannins, and trans-resveratrol are at play, and they might also be able to reduce blood clots in addition to keeping inflammation down.

Wine for the win! Now for the bad beer news. Previous studies have found that beer drinkers have an increase in the odds of developing arthritis, and it’s all due to the ingredients in it as well. Beer contains compounds that can lead to uric acid building up around the joints, which is a no-no when you’re trying to keep them healthy. Plus, beer drinkers tend to outweigh wine drinkers, and as we all know excess weight puts stress on the joints as well.

To make sure that you are getting the most health benefits possible from your wine drinking habits, be sure to stick with red as it’s is loaded with those tannins. And however not fun it may be, stick to one glass a day.



Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson
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