Nano Sculpture Art Is A Real Thing…You Won’t Believe How Beautiful They Are

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August 8, 2016
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Nano Sculpture Art Is A Real Thing…You Won’t Believe How Beautiful They Are

Nano is the new medium. In a world where overcrowding is the future of the present and slums are measured in elbow room, the micro world of the nano sculpture is the latest haven for those who are looking for space to create. And the detail is amazing. You can tell by how many different cameras are used at one time just to capture one image to reproduce. Just look at some of these examples of what you can find if you have a big enough magnifying glass.

Body Art For The Insect World

Look closely on the furrowed brow of this enlarged ant. Yes, that is an ant you are looking at. But you will see something even tinier: the image of a reclining woman. In this case, beauty is on the eye of a beholding insect. My question is: what happens if the ant moves and it falls off? Do we have tweezers big enough to pick it up? (The answer is yes!)

The Eye Of A Needle

Forget the head of a pin. Try the eye of a needle. That is where you can find this amazing nano scuplture of another woman. This time trying to find room to do her yoga exercises. Good luck on that one. Give me enough room and I still can’t do most of those poses.

Six Is A Crowd

Six figures shown in contrast to the size of a human hair. If you notice, those figures are all the same. Still, it is amazing that they could all stand on the same hair strand. Yet, how can you be so tiny and still end up in a crowd? This would be like traveling to the Antarctic and the first thing you see is a McDonald’s with a long line.

For The World’s Tiniest Museum

For those of you who do not recognize this nano sculpture, it is a copy of Rhodan’s The Thinker. A very, very small and tiny copy. This one is ten micrometers wide. That is 1/100,000 of a meter (a meter is little over a yard). You could put one hundred of these in a line and it would only be one millimeter long. What do you think about that?

How Many MPG Does Your Grain Of Sand Get?

This nano sculpture is a smaller version of what I would like to have for a work car. With my luck, I would still get stuck in traffic. This version of a race car is a little larger than our earlier version of The Thinker. It is actually ten times bigger coming in at 100 micrometers. That would put it into the category of a grain of sand. Next time you are at the beach and walking barefooted, imagine those grains of sand are actually shaped like this. And you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference.

At The Touch Of A Finger

This tiny elephant is another ironic version of nano sculpture art: tiny versions of large things. This one is by highly regarded artist Jonty Hurwitz who is taking this art-form in new directions. This latest creation comes in a slightly larger size of only one tenth of a millimeter. What is that alien landscape the micro-elephant is roaming? Why it is a human fingerprint.


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