Medicinal Cannabis in LA: It’s the Cannabis World Congress.

The City of Angels is getting ready for the biggest medicinal marijuana event in the country. The Cannabis World Congress is taking place this September, and promises to be a well attended affair. But this is far from a hippie-laden hash bash. The Cannabis World Congress will be hosting a select group of financiers, distributors, investors, and some big names in growing, marketing, and product development. All that for medicinal cannabis? Yes! Medical pot isn’t just a big deal for casual smokers who feign insomnia to get a med-card. Cannabis can be life saving medicine that can extend and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, arthritis sufferers, children with seizures, and more.  Medical marijuana has come a long way from bogus federal tax stamps.

Taking place September 16-18, 2015, the Cannabis World Congress will feature a number of events and workshops for those hoping to get into the medicinal cannabis business. These include a job fair featuring a wide array of careers in cannabis that are sure to include growing and harvesting, matching strains to best meet patient needs, production and marketing of “medibles” (medicinal cannabis-laden foods and drinks), and more. Classes will also be given in getting certified to open a cannabis-based business. A “boot camp” for investors is being held, along with workshops for those who want to refine pitches for new and innovative medicinal cannabis products.

Is all this fanfare necessary? Is medicinal cannabis that big a deal? Yes! State laws still vary on who is allowed to use medical cannabis and how much. As of July 2015, 24 states allow for medicinal cannabis use, and two states allow recreational use for adults. In states that allow legal marijuana use, no increase in usage or usage related crimes have been found. Despite this, those who oppose the decriminalizing of marijuana or medicinal cannabis remain intransigent. Some pundits place the word “medicinal” in quotes when they discuss it, implying many medical patients are lying about their need to use it. One might think that’s a decision best left to a patient and their doctor.

How does medicinal cannabis work? There are two main chemicals at play when a patient smokes or ingests marijuana. There’s THC, which affects pleasure centers, mood, hunger, and the five senses. Then there’s CBD, which can control seizures (especially in children), and can reduce pain and inflammation. Modern growers produce specific strains that carefully regulate the THC to CBD ratio, as well as the sativa to indica ratio so patients can choose the strain that best addresses their specific ailment.

The size of and fanfare surrounding the World Cannabis Congress demonstrates medicinal cannabis isn’t just a passing fad for marijuana enthusiasts. It’s big business, and one that’s poised to make early adopters of this new shift in medical treatment a whole lot of money. California alone is said to have a medicinal cannabis market of almost a billion dollars. As more and more people discover the benefits of marijuana as medicine, that number is sure to grow — especially now that the federal government has decided not to go after dispensaries in medical cannabis states.

It’s still possible to get a seat at the table. The World Cannabis Congress takes place in September 2015. Featured marijuana businesses and publications in attendance are said to include the Marijuana Business Association, MJ News Network, Lumensource, Kiva Confections, CannaVest, and many manufacturers of smoking apparatus, vaporizers, grow lights and other production equipment, and more. It is the premiere event for anyone interested in pursuing medicinal cannabis as a business opportunity.


Do you think medicinal cannabis is a viable business or investment option? Why or why not? Do you know anyone who has benefitted from medical marijuana? We’d love to hear your stories.




Wednesday Lee Friday
Wednesday Lee Friday
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