Many dog owners with registered purebred dogs eventually would like to find a mate for their animal in hopes of having an amazing litter of puppies (either for re-sale or to keep). Therefore, a service like for humans comes into play.

Breed or Not to Breed?

The important factors into deciding if you think it’s best to breed your animal should not be taken lightly. As a responsible pet owner, you need to think about your demographic location and whether or not there is a problem with abandoned or neglected animals. For example, if you live in an area where your county has the highest rate of abandoned dogs, is it responsible to have to have more dogs?

The Cost of Breeding


Exceptional Breeding and Training

Another important fact any dog owner needs to consider is just how much breeding your pet is going to cost. In many cases, a successful well-planned event is going to cost a few thousand dollars to ensure everything is done safely and responsibly. Vet checks, making sure the other animal is healthy, and, of course, making sure your home is also a safe location with the proper housing to make your animal comfortable.

Play Dates


Dogs Playing

Also, besides breeding animals, some animals are very social. Dogs like to hang out and be social. For some dogs, this is what makes them super happy and extends their life. If you have a dog that loves to go places and play with other dogs, then finding a match service might be exactly what is going to be in the best interest of your animal. Try to find dogs that are just as playful or friendly (with all sizes). It can make for a great day filled with fun and running. It’s also great for getting a dog plenty of exercise.

Breeding to Make Money

One important thing any dog owner needs to really address is whether or not money will be made by breeding dogs. There are many different backyard breeders that use breeding dogs as a source of income. This is very unethical and not a particularly good idea. As more and more backyard breeders are being called out, it’s becoming hard to make any money. It’s best to just not do it. Owners with registered animals will make money, but not very much after all of the vet bills and the special dietary needs of animals. Can you afford to buy special dog food and regular vet visits?

If you are thinking of getting into dog breeding or trying to find a mate for your pet, it’s a good idea to really take your time with research. The more information you know, the better off your decision will be to move forward.


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