Many people have heard reports marijuana can help relieve the pressure caused by glaucoma and slow the disease’s progress. And you most likely know marijuana stimulates the appetite and reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy. But studies are showing marijuana can help with a broad range of health issues.

Marijuana has two primary active ingredients. There’s the commonly known THC (tetrahydro cannabinal), the part of the plant that gets you high. Then there’s CBD (cannabidiol), which does not have a psycho-active side effect, but, like THC, has multiple health benefits.

Seizure Disorders

One of the health benefits of marijuana currently being researched is its ability to help with seizures. Marijuana has shown to quiet the brain activities causing seizures both in epileptics and those with Dravet’s Syndrome, where the person suffers multiple seizures a day.

Brain Health

Not only does marijuana reduce the brain activity associated with seizures, it promotes brain health in other ways. Marijuana has a neuro-protective element that can both prevent concussions and strokes, but minimize the damage that occurs if they happen.

Marijuana also slows the progression of Alzheimer’s by blocking the enzyme that creates amyloid plaques, the plaques destroy the brain cells which cause Alzheimer’s.

Symptom Relief

Marijuana reduces inflammation and can act as a pain killer for those suffering from arthritis. For people with MS, marijuana can lessen the intensity and frequency of the muscle spasms associated with the disease.

Marijuana also helps reduce the symptoms associated with Hepatitis C treatment, which include depression, trouble sleeping, upset stomach, and muscle aches. Of those who smoked marijuana during treatment, 86 percent finished, while only 29 percent of non-smokers completed the treatment. Marijuana may also help with the treatment’s effectiveness, with 54 percent testing virus free versus only eight percent of non-smokers.

Wait, There’s More

And it doesn’t stop there, marijuana offers a ton of other health benefits too. Here’s just a few more:

Now you can light up for your health, not just for the high. With these marijuana health benefits, you can take care of your body and brain, all while you’re catching a buzz.


Do you use marijuana for a health reason? If so, tell us about it in the comments.

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