Every year, that small group of people who actually pay attention to all of the random holidays realize that on March 20 it is time to celebrate International Happiness Day. Sometimes, this day of joy happens to fall on the first day of spring, like it did this year, but regardless if always rests on that 20th day of the month. Of course, for International Happiness Day 2016, the non-profit group The Joy Team teamed up with Natural Life to help move the happiness movement forward. Putting up 56 billboards across 41 cities, they hope to put smiles on as many faces as they can this year. But, why should this happiness be limited to just one day?

The Origins of International Happiness Day

Unlike most of those random holidays you hear about, International Happiness Day, or rather International Day of Happiness (as it is officially called) is actually a big thing. Founded in 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly, it was unanimously agreed upon by 193 member states and adopted as an official United Nations resolution. Recognizing the need for more happiness around the world, they made March 20 of each year the day to celebrate it on, thus giving it some weight around the world. While it could still be considered somewhat arbitrary, it definitely has some weight behind it.

How Do Billboards Help?

According to The Joy Team, billboards are used in this instance because they work to get the message across without the possibility of being ignored. Even if you just catch a glimpse as you drive by, the thought is put into your head. Thoughts are hard to ignore and once you see the positive message it is stuck there. The belief is that whether you focus on it or not, this can help to improve your mindset throughout the day and therefore leads to a sort of contagious happiness.

Why Not Spread Joy All The Time?

Whether you agree with this thought process or not, it is hard to argue that this type of mindset is not beneficial. People who are happy are more productive, naturally make those around them happier, and by definition enjoy a higher quality of life. If people can start learning that happiness is not a matter of circumstance but rather a mindset that can be chosen each day, they could really start making a great impact on the world around them. They can approach life with increased energy and genuinely help others do the same.

So, instead of just taking one day a year to focus on happiness, why not make it a 24/7 365 thing. This way, you can enjoy life to the fullest and really experience the joy you ought to.


What do you think about efforts by non-profits like The Joy Team? Do you celebrate International Happiness Day and do you also think that is should be celebrated every day? How do you best think this can be accomplished? Let us know your thoughts below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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