Juicing Marijuana: Is Weed The Next Kale?

Cannabis can be smoked in a joint, eaten in a cookie, swallowed in capsule form, drinken in a tea, and even sprayed into your mouth, but did you know it can also be blended? There’s a new trend where raw cannabis is juiced as if it were a vegetable. Some claim it is healthier than other methods of cannabis consumption, according to High Times.


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Dr. William Courtney, co-founder of the International Cannabis Foundation and a leading expert in raw dietary cannabis, says: “When it’s consumed as a leafy green vegetable, you get the whole profile of the plant.”

Raw marijuana, unlike heated marijuana, contains both the terpenes and chemical compounds in the right ratio. About 8,000 of Courtney’s patients have shown positive effects from consuming raw dietary cannabis that is either juiced, blended, or chopped into a salad.


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Courtney believes that one of the biggest advantages of raw cannabis is the positive effect it has on the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system, which is comprised of endocannabinoids found throughout the body that perform various functions. Courtney claims that cannabis is the “most important vegetable on the planet,” improving bone metabolism, neural function, anti-inflammation, and assisting with the immune system.


A paper published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B uncovered that when the cerebrum’s cannabinoid system is triggered, it releases antioxidants that eliminate destructive cells and enhance the effectiveness of the mitochondria, which create energy for the cells, improving brain function.

“I believe this plant, having evolved over millions of years, is put together to support that system,” he said.

One of the advantages (and also drawbacks, depending on how you look at it) is that eating raw cannabis gives you all the medicinal benefits of marijuana without the high.


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Raw marijuana is still psychoactive, but it does not have the same effects as when it is eaten or smoked. According to Courtney, heating cannabis removes 99% of the medicinal benefits that it produces. In its raw form the plant comprises of THC-A (Tetrahydrocannabinolic-acid) and CBD-A (Cannabidiolic-acid), which must be heated in order to produce THC and CBD.

According to MedicalJane, the best way to juice cannabis is to make sure that it is fresh, undried, and that the flowers are harvested when the THC glands are clear, not amber. It is recommended that 15 leaves and two raw buds be juiced per day. The mixture should be combined with another juice to counteract the bitterness of the marijuana; one part cannabis to 10 parts carrot juice is recommended by Dr. Courtney.


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