Horrifying Facts Left Out of History Books

We have long been taught what the victor has said. One side of truth standing for what happened. But, there are many sides to any event. What haven’t they been telling us in the history books?

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General Hooker

During the Civil War, troop morale was important. One solution came from General Hooker. He brought the ladies with him to occupy the men in between shooting. The horrifying fact kept from us was hard to hide: almost a tenth of the troops came home with VD. Ever wonder where the term “Hooker” came from?

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Rescuing Corpses

Most people have heard of the rescue efforts for the survivors of the sinking of the HMS Titanic, but few have heard of the recovery efforts for the deceased. While the survivors were on their way to port, several ships were sent to recover the bodies of those unfortunate drowning victims. The first ship carried embalming supplies, forty embalmers, one hundred coffins and a lot of ice. Eventually, 328 bodies were found, but 119 of these were not able to be identified and were buried at sea.


US Invades Russia

On August 15th, Operation Polar Bear landed on Russian shores and was stationed at Vadivostok, among other areas. Their main purpose was to protect Allied arms and supplies from falling into the hands of either the Germans or the Bolsheviks. The arms were originally used by the White Russians which were a bridge between the Tzar and the communist regime. The USSR used it as propaganda for years as to why the US was a threat to invade. The American children never had this horrifying fact in their history books.


Human Souvenirs

After World War II, many soldiers came home with enemy souvenirs such as a German pistol or a Japanese bayonet. Collecting war memorabilia has been a lucrative hobby and not just during the second World War. But, a few US soldiers actually came home with human remains as a souvenir. The most popular item being a trophy skull from a Japanese soldier. Parts of bones were fashioned into various utilities and tools. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was even sent a gift of a letter opener carved out of a Japanese human bone. To his good measure, President Roosevelt ordered the item to be shipped back and properly interred. It had gotten so bad that in September of 1942, the Commander in Chief of the Pacific fleet ordered “no part of the enemy’s body may be used as a souvenir” and the practice became a horrifying fact that was quickly forgotten.



Also during World War II, the Russians trained their dogs to run under German tanks strapped with explosives in order to blow up the vehicles. As horrifying a fact as that is in terms of the animals, the Russians let loose their canine corps only to see them run under Russian tanks and blow up their own comrades. It seems the only tanks the dogs had to practice with were their own tanks.



Do you have some horrifying facts to add to the list?