Why would someone pick a holiday steeped in the tradition of family and being thankful to commit the most horrifying act of all? Thanksgiving murders? Who didn’t get the memo? Thanksgiving is a time for family. A time to give thanks for all that we have in our lives. A time to appreciate what we have over what we do not have, at least for most of us.

Tony Malfeo

In 1909, Walter Vogt and Tony liked the same girl. On Thanksgiving night, while enjoying some whiskey with song and dance in the night air among friends, Walter and Joe got into an argument over the same girl. Tony pulled out a gun and shot Walter.

Priscilla Ford

In 1980, Ms. Ford drove her car down a sidewalk in Reno, Nevada on Thanksgiving, killing six people. What makes this murder instead of an accident? Priscilla claimed after the arrest that she was the incarnation of Jesus and was not capable of sin. The people she drove over were “pigs, wild animals.” She was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Skylar Deleon

In 2004, Skylar, with accomplices, lured Thomas and Jackie Hawkes onto their boat under the ruse of wanting to buy the boat. The couple was tied up to an anchor and thrown overboard after Skylar got their bank account numbers. The crime was discovered when relatives called police saying the Hawkes had not shown up for Thanksgiving.

The Brothers Gebreselassie

in 2006, the Mehari family was celebrating Thanksgiving together. At some time, the two brothers arrived, shot and killed three members of the family including a former sister-in-law/widow. The two brothers quickly grabbed their nephew and fled to their mother’s home where they were arrested two hours later.

Earlier in March, Abraham Gebreselassie, their brother, died of what was ruled natural causes. They maintained that their brother was murdered. Their act was one of perceived revenge.

Paul Michael Merhige

in 2009, Paul Michael Merhige spent a pleasant Thanksgiving Day with his parents, two twin sisters, a cousin and her daughter, a brother-in-law, and an aunt and uncle. After dinner, they spent some time around the piano listening to the six-year-old cousin’s daughter sing, practicing for an upcoming holiday show.

Afterwards, Paul got up and went out to his car to retrieve a gun. Paul came back in and started firing, claiming that he had “waited twenty years to do this!” Both of his twin sisters were shot and killed. One sister was pregnant. Paul went over to his six-year-old cousin and shot her dead. The final victim was his aunt. A brother-in-law was also shot, but survived.

There was no incident to spark the murders. The act itself did not seem an emotional one. Afterwards, the killer fled to the Florida Keys and hid out until he was discovered the following February.

Ayalis Clay Oliver

In 2009, Ayalis argued with his son, Keith, over some chores after Thanksgiving dinner. The father’s response was to go upstairs and grab his .357 revolver. Ayalis walked back downstairs and shot his son in the head.

Alison Martin and Justin Terpstra

In 2009, Alison claimed her ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted her during their former relationship. The new couple took the old boyfriend into the woods over Thanksgiving ; they tied him up, repeatedly clubbed, and stabbed him. They finally tied him to a tree and set him on fire, burning him alive.

Giberto Valle

In 2012, Gilberto’s wife discovered images of women her husband was planning to capture and eat. Gilbert was later relased in 2014 and now lives with his mother. He claims he wants to have “girl meat” on Thanksgiving.

The spirit of murder seems to becoming a part of the holiday. More and more cities and towns are throwing murder mystery nights since it is one of the few times a family can get together and enjoy a good murder together.



What are you having with your turkey this year?