We all have a certain apprehension when we eat at some restaurants. Whether we want to admit it or not, we worry that maybe that Taco Bell beefy cheese burrito is not made from real cow meat. When we are served that processed burger at McDonald’s, we wonder whether or not the cooks washed their hands that day. Even at sit-down restaurants, we sometimes question the food that they are serving, wondering just how accurate the ingredients might be. For Greenbay Packers’ Jared Cook, this fear manifested itself in the form of cooked chicken head.

The Tasty Chicken Head

As seen in the photo here, Cook isn’t exaggerating when he says that Buffalo Wild Wings served him a chicken head in his wings. It looks like it is fully intact (as confirmed by Cook) and it also looks like it is fully cooked. If you’ve worked as a chef at a wing joint, you might have some sympathy for whoever cooked this batch up. It’s quite possible he didn’t really see this among the chicken wings and to be quite frank he shouldn’t have to look out for this sort of issue. Instead, this speaks volumes about their supplier and makes you wonder how many other times something like this might have occurred. Of course, whoever prepped the wings for serving needs to have his eyes checked. This thing looks fully seasoned and ready to go.

Buffalo Wild Wings Response

Apparently, Buffalo Wild Wings recognizes that this is a serious matter. Of course, that doesn’t really much change the reality of the situation. As far as canned responses go, this one seems to be pretty old. One has to wonder if they got in touch with Cook and if they did what they actually did. We can only imagine what kind of legal acrobatics they are performing right now to ensure they don’t suffer some greater consequences. At the very least, they can likely expect some extra inspections in the near future.

Eating Contaminated Food

The food safety concern in this situation extends beyond just catching this mistake. If the chicken head made it into Jared Cook’s food, then how much of the other chicken was affected by this mistake. More important, what other instances might occur behind the scenes. It seems like a chicken head should stand out when you are preparing a plate of wings for your customer. What if this happens more than we would like to believe and most of the time the chefs just catch it? Despite BWW’s response, it makes one question just how well their supplier does at providing good chicken.


Is this chicken head incident going to keep you from choosing Buffalo Wild Wings next time you eat out? What other food services horrors have you encountered? Let us know your biggest food fears in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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