On Halloween, some of us have the habit of scaring ourselves. From gruesome (and all too-real) Halloween costumes and makeup to props and decor to horror movie marathons, Halloween is one event that people put a lot of effort into.

If you’re into creepy and fun stuff, these Halloween apps are a must-try for you.

Turned Turns You Into a Zombie In Seconds

Fan of The Walking Dead? Turned is an app that lets you choose which side you’re on: zombie or survivor. It then turns you into your chosen character with very realistic-looking blood and gory details. The effects move with your facial movements, so that’s really awesome.

Vampify Yourself

Fancy becoming a vampire? Fang-tastic! Vampify is an app that turns you into one.

The free version lets you add fangs and other bloody effects and animations to your picture. When you upgrade, you get to add bloody tears, smoke explosions, and sunlight (complete with burning skin effects).

Rotten Friends Happy Halloween

The Rotten Friends app is a horror-film-inspired photo editor. Using the app’s special effects, you can easily transform a picture of yourserlf or your friend into a spooky, scary, or terrifying creature of the night. Once you have the perfect photo, it’s also very easy to share it with your friends in Facebook.

Camera Hoax

Camera Hoax is a free iOS app that lets you insert real-looking scary photobombers. Pick from ghosts or even popular characters from horror films or pop fiction (like Slenderman).

What’s great about this app is you can use it even when Halloween is over. This app is great for April Fools’ Day or any other day you want to pull a prank on your friends by adding UFOs or fake badges to your photos.

A similar app for Android is Ghost Photo Stickers.

Ghost Lens

Ghost Lens plays around the idea of spirits leaving the body. It works by merging two photos of one person together. The result is the person looking normal with an ghost- or spirit-like image of him(her)self emerging or hovering nearby. You can also create videos for Instagram or Snapchat.

Ghost Lens is a free app on iOS, but a similar app on Android is called Ghost Photo Maker.


An oldie but goldie app is iMut8r. It has many template options, including vampire, wereworlf, and witch.

“You can fade the transparency of particular effects (a festering head wound, say) in such a way as to produce surprisingly sophisticated results,” writes Glenn McDonald. “The app could probably use an update, but it still works just fine when October rolls around.”


Which app are you going to try? Let us know how it goes.

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