Frankie MacDonald Predicts Big Earthquake

Walter Cronkite. Dan Rather. Barbara Walters. Edward R. Murrow. These are some of the most influential journalists of all time. Through hard work, dedication, and their ability to connect with the people, they’ve created a standard for news reporting. This next person may not yet be a household name, but up and coming weather reporter Frankie MacDonald is no exception, and will soon be included with the greats. He is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The earthquake is near. Let Frankie MacDonald tell you how to survive and what to expect.



Cody Klewin
Cody Klewin
Cody Klewin is the owner of Article Cats, as well as one of its contributing authors. Cody spends his time concocting insane ideas for weird articles and hiding under a desk when the hate-mail flies in. He enjoys Legos, the Tourettes Guy, and also enjoys dressing up like Skeletor while stalking people on golf courses or ice-skating rinks.