E-Juice Flavors You Won’t Believe

Crazy e-Juice Flavors

No, we aren’t talking about that black tarry stuff that builds up on the backside of your computer’s ventilation port, nor are we discussing something you might find on the black market web. We are discussing e-cigarettes, or vaping as the cool kids call it, and a few crazy flavors you can find if you look hard enough.

WTF Is e-Juice?

E-juice, or e-liquid, is the mixture used in vapor products, such as e-cigarettes, and comprised mainly of propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine and flavorings (about 8,000 flavors as of 2014). There are e-liquids sold without propylene glycol, nicotine or flavors but they are not the major sellers. E-liquid manufacturers can be found all around the world and while there are currently no US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) manufacturing standards for e-liquid, the FDA has proposed regulations that are expected to be finalized in late 2015.

Introduced in 2004 with much resistance, as of mid-2015 around 10 percent of American adults are current users of e-cigarettes.

With the new advances in tech came new advances in flavors. Imagine a hogwarts-esque cornucopia of strange and fascinating shades and notes from breakfast cereal to blue cheese. Here are a few crazy ones!

Cirque (Firebrand)

“Get ready to have your tastebuds blown away. It’s Showtime!” Cirque is inspired with the taste of summer: a lemon cupcake with Bavarian Cream icing and fruity loops on top!

Emperor’s Blend (Firebrand)

“Pleasing for its inhale & aroma alike. Bow to the master!” Emperor’s Blend is a complex, toasted blend of Indonesian spice, clove & subtle notes of pipe tobacco.

Banana Nut Bread (Pink Spot Vapors)

A decadent blend of creamy banana and a nutty undertone that will have you wondering if your local bakery started bottling their fresh baked treats.

Malibu (Halo)

Best described as a frozen Piña Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper. “The throat hit is relatively light with no harshness, and the aftertaste is pleasantly sweet.”

The Voyage (Coastal Clouds)

Last but not least, taking the award for “Best in Show” at the fourth annual Vape Summit held in Houston, Texas in October is Coastal Clouds’ The Voyage. Described as a warm crunch berry rice crispy treat covered in gooey marshmallow that should satisfy any dessert-lover.

*disclaimer: Article Cats is not responsible for any level of pleasure or pain you may endure while smoking, puffing, vaping, inhaling, snorting or swallowing any substance known to man. Enjoy responsibly or not at all. Happy holidays!


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