Donald Trump: The Greatest Foreign Dictator on the GOP Ticket

It’s 2015, and you know what that means: Donald Trump is running for President of the United States! By now, we’ve all come to the sobering realization that not only is he completely serious, he is also currently the GOP’s clear and present front runner; yet, there are some who still insist that The Donald is “unpresidential.” And why is that? Is it because he publicly declared on national television that Mexicans are drug-fueled rapists? What about the time he assured an event attendee that “we’re going to be looking at a lot of different things” with regard to removing Muslims from the country? How about his firm, no-nonsense stand against the epidemic of autism? All right, so maybe Trump is about as well-suited for the presidency as a rabid wolverine, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be president of something. Just ask Trevor Noah:

Noah’s claims are controversial, but are they wrong? Trump’s statements mirror those of present and former notorious African leaders with uncanny accuracy, so much so that we have to wonder why Trevor stopped with Africa. After all, Trump himself is totally willing to place himself in other dictatorial camps. Earlier this year, he told Bill O’Reilly with trademark confidence how well he thought he and Vladimir Putin would get along. “I would be willing to bet I would have a great relationship with Putin. It’s about leadership.” The implication is that Trump and Vladimir Putin have a lot in common, or at least enough to be able to “make deals.” And that time Putin completely destroyed the notion of free speech in Russia by imprisoning a man who dared to speak against state corruption? Water under the bridge, apparently.

Don’t get us wrong: Trump himself doesn’t need help in the censorship department. Journalist Jorge Ramos drew parallels between the real estate mogul and a fascist leader after being thrown out of a press conference for trying to ask too many sensitive questions. “I’ve been in journalism for 30 years and never been ejected from a news conference. These are things you see in dictatorships, not in America,” said Ramos, who is the anchor for Univision, America’s largest Spanish-language television network. Under these circumstances, it might be easy to assume that Ramos’ are the bitter words of a slighted professional, but if Trump is willing to silence the face of a major multicultural news network just for putting him on the spot, how much further might he go? And do we really want to give him the chance to show us?

Donald Trump’s unexpectedly high-profile presidential campaign has drawn comparisons to every international bad guy under the sun; we know this horse has been dead for ages, so rather than dragging it out, we’ll leave you with one final thought. In a 2001 interview, Kim Jong Il was quoted as saying, “I know I’m an object of criticism in the world, but if I am being talked about, I must be doing the right things.” Now throw “haters and losers” in there somewhere and try to tell us that doesn’t sound like it’s straight from the mouth of Trump.



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Skye Simpson
Skye Simpson
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