Ditch Prescription Drugs For Nootropics; Natural Brain Supplements

In today’s world, people rarely take care of their bodies, let alone their brains. We are always in a rush, surrounded by media and electronics, multi-tasking, going, going, going, and this impairs how our brains function. But before you turn to prescription drugs to improve your cognition or stabilize your mood, consider a more natural way with nootropics.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements, either naturally occurring or synthetic, which are taken to enhance brain function. These “smart drugs” work to increase both the health of the brain and its neurons, while having minimal side effects. They are non-habit forming and, therefore, safer than many of the prescription alternatives.

There are nootropics that can help with a wide variety of different issues. From anxiety and insomnia, to fatigue and memory loss, there’s always a nootropic out there to help your brain function better.

Adrafinil for Energy

Do you find that you’re always sleepy and fatigued, no matter how much rest you get at night? When you’re up and moving, do you feel that you need to be more alert or focused? If so, consider Adrafinil. A central nervous stimulant, this supplement converts to modafinil and leads to an increased release of epinephrine (aka adrenaline), which makes you more awake and less tired.

While users experience the wakefulness and increased focus similar to amphetamine stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin. Though, with Adrafinil, you get the positives without the negative amphetamine side effects such as hyper activity, trouble sleeping, and decrease in appetite.

Phenibut for Anxiety

From Valium in the ’80’s to Xanax now, people have always been looking for a solution for their anxiety. And while benzodiazepines have been prescribed for years, they are highly addictive, dangerous to stop, and can be counter-productive by creating more anxiety when taken on a daily basis.

Phenibut offers a safe solution. This supplement significantly reduces anxiety, depression, and stress while increasing brain function and focus. By passing through the blood-brain barrier and binding to the GABA receptors, Phenibut lowers stress levels, but does so without interfering with performance like benzos do. There is no hazy, down feeling. Instead, this nootropic supports your brain’s functioning and is known to increase memory and cognitive processing.

Noopept for Memory

Memory loss is a natural step in the aging process, but when you have a loved one suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can be heartbreakingly sad. While there is no cure, a supplement like Noopept can help, especially in the beginning stages of the diseases.

Noopept acts with Glutamate to help restore memory and improve cognitive functions. It has shown to enhance recall, sensory memory, concentration, attention span, and mood. It may even help to reduce the anxiety associated with memory loss and central nervous system disorders. This nootropic is fast-acting and memory improvements can sometime be seen within 15 minutes.

Are Nootropics Right for You?

If you’re considering an alternative to prescription medications or just looking to have your brain functioning the best it can, it’s time to think about nootropics. Check out the wide variety of cognitive enhancing supplements available through Crystal Clear Supplements and start focusing on your brain’s health, as well as your body’s.


Have you tried any nootropics before? In what ways did you benefit from them? Are you considering any of these treatments?

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