Crazy Weddings of the 21st Century

A wedding: the one day in your life you can spend almost as much as you make in a year and no one seems to question how irresponsible you are being. It is a time when you devote your life to another “until death do us part” and should be the most important day of your life. Everyone has their own image of what their dream wedding would be like. Some prefer a simple, casual ceremony on the beach while others are looking for more of that enchanted castle feel. Whatever your dream might be, it is pretty safe to assume it is not as far out as any of these crazy weddings.

The Suspension Wedding

If you are into this kind of stuff, good for you, but for a wedding? You can only imagine how some of the guests must feel trying to shield their eyes while still paying attention as their friends are wed. It looks much too painful for a happy occasion and definitely doesn’t seem like the usual definition of a fun gathering. Still, they seem to be enjoying it just fine, so there must be something to it.

Zombie Themed Wedding

When it comes to crazy weddings, this is actually one of the most popular trends right now. In other words, not just one couple decided to do this. Instead, people around the country are dressing up as zombies and spending countless hours of makeup and effects to make sure their special day is celebrated as one of the walking dead. So, if it is until “death do us part,” does that mean that they are no longer contractually obligated to follow their wedding vows?

Taking Crazy Weddings Underwater

So you love scuba diving? Apparently not as much as this couple, who decided it made sense to take their wedding under the sea. How they exchanged vows seems to be the number one question, and also how their guests were able to enjoy the ceremony seems of interest. Still, it happened, so the next time you suggest something outlandish to your spouse-to-be, just remember that crazier things have happened.

Shrek Weddings

While following a Shrek theme might not be that crazy, this one took it to another level by actually having the bride, groom and apparently a good part of those gathered, dress up as characters from Shrek. Undoubtedly this had to be quite a fun get-together, but as far as weddings go it certainly falls into the “crazy weddings” category.

Try On a Superhero Wedding

Once again, following a superhero theme might be fun: get a cake decorated with your favorite heroes, have some cool posters, send out themed invites, etc. But actually having you and a large portion of your guests show up dressed as superheros earns you a place on this list.


Have you attended any crazy weddings in the last year? Which of these themes do you think was really the most insane? Let us know in the comments below!



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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