Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but a great Halloween costume can seem dry without the right costume makeup—don’t you think?

Halloween costume makeup adds the needed effects to level up our dressing up fun; however, you have to be careful about what costume makeup products you’re using. Sure, you’ll be that much scarier, sexier or more ghoulish, but you could get rashes, swollen eyelids, or other reactions—not to mention clogged-up pores.

Here are seven examples of costume makeup that will look great and leave your skin just as beautiful as before.

Elegant Minerals Natural Custom Face Paint

Elegant Minerals Natural Custom Face Paint uses certified organic ingredients including natural waxes, organic oils and natural mineral pigments. The product is easy to use and lasts long.

Elegant Minerals products are recommended by Martha Stewart Whole Living Magazine, Wilmington Parent Magazine, and Feingold Association.

Luna Star Pretendi Naturali

Luna Star (formerly Luna Organics) Pretendi Naturali contains all-natural ingredients including apple extract and vitamin E. No parabens, dyes, or petrochemical ingredients here. Plus they’re made in the USA, so as long as you live in America, you’re buying domestic.

Lyra Face Paint Pencils

These Lyra face paint pencils are dermatologically tested and free of any toxic substances like lead or preservatives. The pencils are based in palm oil, so there’s no need to dip them in water before use. That will make your Halloween prep easy and clean—and you won’t have to worry about dripping all over your costume. We’d call that a triple win!

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos

Violent Lips’ wide range of vegan lip appliqués are made from natural ingredients and enhanced with vitamins. They’re proudly American-made and approved by the FDA. The lip tattoos work very much like temporary tattoos that you seal with water. Removal is easy too, using a textured wipe and mineral or baby oil. Designs include animal prints, solid colors, glitters, flags, and more.

Mehron Fantasy F-X Makeup

The Mehron Fantasy F-X Makeup is water based, highly pigmented, and contains luminescent zinc sulfide, the only luminescent color approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. It comes in squeeze tubes and is available in 25 colors. Watch the video above—it lets you turn yourself into a living rave! Need we say more?

Medusa’s Makeup Fluorescent Neon Pigments

If you feel like you need even more rave-friendly options (or if you’re planning on attending one as part of your Halloween plans) Medusa’s Makeup Fluorescent Neon Pigments come in six vibrant colors, namely pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This can be used for face and body painting, or for augmenting your sweet highlighter costume. Best of all, the product is vegan. in case you get hungry!

Kryolan Aquacolor Day Glow Palette

The Kryolan Aquacolor Day Glow Palette is a fat-free water color. This palette contains six colors that glow under normal light conditions. It is intended for special effects, but makeup artists (as seen in the video above) have been using it for cosmetic purposes, too. It’s safe (don’t worry) based on a university hospital test. Did you love James Cameron’s “Avatar” a little too much? Now you can become one with the Na’vi!

This costume makeup will also be great to use for other special occasions—it doesn’t have to be a one-trick pony. Just remember to keep safe. Follow instructions carefully and always test a product you haven’t used before. Dab it on your arm for a couple of days and check for any allergic reactions. The FDA has more cosmetics safety reminders here.


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Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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