Cool or Crazy Fashion? Asians are Into Bean Sprouts and Plastic Bag Swimsuits

Fashion can be hard to understand, what with its sometimes radical or simply crazy trends. Take for example these strange fashion trending in Asia right now.

Sexy and Eco-Friendly Plastic Bag Swimsuits

Reduce, reuse, recyle. We’ve all been taught how to recycle. But who would have thought some pretty Asian girls would take it this far by introducing this crazy fashion trend.

Plastic bags (you know, the ones used for shopping)  have been turned into a one-piece swimsuit by teenage girls in Taiwan. The sight of women wearing these risqué swimsuits easily piqued the interest of social media users not only from Taiwan, but from the rest of the world. Thus, the girls have taken the humble plastic bag from a commonly ignored item to hot and sexy swimwear. Many have tried to emulate them, posting selfies of themselves wearing their own plastic-bag clothing.

What do you think of this fashion trend? Is it cool or crazy?

The concept of using plastic for clothing is not a new one though. As travel writer Pammy Lin pointed out in this post, English designer Gareth Pugh has incorporated the material in one of his dresses which was chosen as the Dress of the Year in 2014.

From Bean Sprouts to Flags

In mainland China, a new fad is sprouting. Men and women, young and old, can be seen sporting a hair clip. While there’s nothing unusual with a hair clip, this latest fad has people looking like they have bean sprouts, grass, or flowers growing from their heads.

Is this fad cute, funny, or what?

If you’re in the country and want to fit in with the locals, you can find vendors in Nanluoguxiang selling these fake plastic hair clips for 5 yuan (less than $1). You can also easily buy them online, if you prefer.

Where this fad started is not clear. A report from the WSJ says it appears to have originated from Chengdu, a city in southwestern China. But according to a CNN report, it might actually have come from across the sea in the east, in Japan. “Some Chinese Internet users have speculated the idea for the sprouts came from a Japanese emoticon of a sprout coming out of a cute creature’s head.”

The bean sprout hair clip fad has even sprouted another one: people wearing flags on their head. Yes, the Chinese were spotted wearing their national flag on Oct. 1, the 66th birthday of the People’s Republic of China.

What do you think about those strange fashion trends? Would you ever try them out, and why or why not?


Did you ever wear crazy fashion pieces? What was the most craziest of them all? Share it with us. 




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