Conspiracy Theories…The Best Of The Best

Conspiracy theories have been around since recorded history has begun. Some even claim Atlantis to be a conspiracy even today. As for today, name me one political candidate or one big business that has not been accused of a conspiracy? It kind of makes me feel left out. I would love to be involved in a conspiracy just so I know what is going on. Here are a few of the most well known theories that have impacted us — whether we believe in them or not.

Project MKUltra

Back in the 1950s, the CIA used chemicals such as LSD to experiment on humans without their knowledge to see what effects the drugs had. The ultimate effort to control minds had men doing much more than just stare at goats, or so the unclassified documents say if they really exist. I can see why this is popular to believe. It explains My Favorite Martian.


It didn’t take long for the 9/11 conspiracists to join the ultimate pantheon of legendary underhanded planning. Mainly because it was such a big surprise that people hard a hard time believing it. Even while they were watching the towers crumble to the ground in an orderly controlled demolition kind of way. That was natural, right?

Moon Landing

This one drives a stake through my heart. The Moon landing was faked? I won’t believe it. Armstrong was there. You can have your hollow Earth theories. Just don’t take this one away. And why did we all stop going to the Moon? We know the truth. We stopped because the ratings fell so low that it was cancelled by the Networks. The truth is out there.


This one is my favorite because I want it to be so true. I would love to have other intelligent life in the universe just so our current leadership can at least have the competition. Instead, it was all a weather balloon carrying test dummies that crash landed in the New Mexico desert. Or was it? Notice all of the technology that has arrived since then… like microwaves, Facebook and hoverboards. Could a human mind really have dreamed all of that up?


President Kennedy’s assassination leads all conspiracies to become the Granddaddy of them all. It was an historical turning point. It was the Baby Boomer’s first conspiracy as most of them were still in school at the time. Was Oswald alone? Did Nixon and/or Bush plan it all? Was it the Communists? Organized crime? The FBI? The list never ends and a new one pops up every year. The emotional wreck went from a possible Camelotian Utopian future to a Big Brother Dystopian present that would include the Vietnam War, drugs and music that would create the largest generation gap since a generation took us from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. The ultimate result was the loss of trust in authority that in ways has never recovered. Can we ever find out? Can’t it be as simple as waiting for next season’s premier to find out who shot JR?

The ultimate Acme of conspiracy theories actually have all of the conspiracy theories tied together in one unified dream. However, the theory goes on to say that it is all fiction by the Global Conspiracy to hide the fact that it really exists. Huh?


(whisper) Do you know what your next door neighbor really does?