Celebrity Neighbors from Hell (and Heaven)

Late last year, the results of Zillow’s 9th Annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey were revealed. This survey ranks which celebrities people would love and hate to live next to. If we’re being honest here, if you live next to a celebrity of any kind, you’re chilling in a pretty nice crib yourself. Turns out people are way more decisive on who they couldn’t stand living next to than who they’d be best buddies with.

The Most and Least Desirable Celeb Neighbors

Taylor Swift had an astounding 2015 and just seems like a genuinely humble person despite her international success. It’s not a surprise she is the celebrity most people would love to live next to. She won only by a single percentage point, though. “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence came in a close second. Added bonus is she could keep everyone’s yard free of pests with her crafty bow and arrow skills.

This guy actually made both lists, but only topped one of them. That’s right, Mr. Donald Trump himself is considered by the majority of adults surveyed to be the biggest neighbor from hell. He may be in the market for a White House this year, so most of us won’t have to worry about looking at that hair everyday (in person, at least). Coming in second place on the celebrity neighbor from hell list is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Even though they live with a Saint, people still felt that the drama-filled lifestyle of Kardashian and West would wear thin quickly. Let’s take a look at some other celebrity neighbors who would either be a dream or a nightmare.

Jimmy Kimmel

It’s hard to imagine Jimmy Kimmel being a neighbor from hell. Not only is he hilarious, but he also apparently has an eye for Christmas décor. In 2014, he pranked his then next door neighbors, John Krasinki and Emily Blunt, by decking out their house for the holidays. Simple lights weren’t enough, no. Kimmel gift wrapped their house, set-up a snow machine and hired Christmas carolers that greeted Krasinski when he pulled into the driveway. Not sure whether Krasinski and Blunt enjoyed this Christmas prank as much as Kimmel, because their Hollywood Hills home is now on the market.

Chris Brown

When he’s not making music in the studio, Chris Brown enjoys painting. No, not that kind of painting. He uses spray paint and concrete is his canvas. Neighbors living near Brown complained to the city about the creepy monster graffiti that he proudly shared outside of his mansion. The city made Brown remove the graffiti, not seeing it as the “art” Brown described it as on Twitter.

Matthew McConaughey

It’s tough to imagine Matthew McConaughey being a neighbor from hell, so he must be on the good list, right? Wrong. The walls around his mansion are most likely tall enough, so you won’t have to worry about calling the cops on McConaughey regarding his fondness of being in the nude. You will, however, have to deal with the sound of drums in the middle of the night. Alright, alright, alright!


Which celebrity would you love (or hate) to live next to?




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Kirstin Wright
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