Celebrate International Rabbit Day With The Most Impressive Bunnies

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets in the world, aside from dogs and cats. They’re tiny, which means that they don’t need all that much room, and they’re also adorable, which means that everyone will want to visit your home to see them. Of course, like any other creature, they deserve love and affection. If you have a bunny, September 26th is the time to appreciate it the most, because it’s International Rabbit Day. Even if you don’t have a bunny of your own, you can enjoy learning about some of the most impressive bunnies in the world in honor of this day:

The Rabbit With The Longest Ears

Geronimo, a pet in California, has the longest ears that have ever been seen on a rabbit—79 centimeters. That’s equivalent to 31 inches! Geronimo had his ears measured at the American Rabbit Breeders Association National Show back in 2003, but he still holds the world record for longest ears today.

The World’s Highest Rabbit Jump

In Sweden and the UK, it’s popular for owners to teach their rabbits how to jump in order to compete in adorable rabbit shows. The highest that a human has ever seen a rabbit jump was 39 inches, which is equal to one meter. However, when it comes to long jumping, the furthest a rabbit has jumped is 118 inches, or three meters. That would be like a six-foot human jumping almost 35 feet!

The World’s Biggest Rabbit

The biggest rabbit in the world weighs almost 50 pounds, even though typical Giant Continental Rabbits only weigh around 16 pounds. Of course, this rabbit is far from typical. His name is Darius and he’s four feet and four inches long—or tall, depending on which way you measure`. As you can probably imagine, he eats much more than an average rabbit; he goes through 2,000 carrots every single year.

The World’s Oldest Rabbit

The oldest bunny that ever lived was housed in Australia. The animal’s name was Flopsy, and she lived until she was 18 years and 10 months old. Typical rabbits only live until they’re about five or six, which means that Flopsy lived more than a decade past her lifespan. She was a lucky girl!

The World’s Fluffiest Rabbit

It’s impossible to choose which particular rabbit is the world’s fluffiest; however, it’s clear which breed of rabbit is the fluffiest. That title goes to the Angora rabbit, which is bred for its wool. It can be removed by shearing,  combing, or plucking. Of course, none of those methods hurt these beautiful bunnies.

The World’s Smallest (And Rarest) Rabbit

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are not only the smallest in the world, but they’re also the rarest. They’re under such a large threat that they’re actually considered endangered species. The depletion of their population is due to disease, deforestation, wildfire, and coyotes. However, there are plenty of organizations that are trying to help save them in order to keep them on this planet.


What’s your favorite type of rabbit? Have you ever owned one?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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