The Catty Wagon…The New Face Of Animal Adoption

If people can’t get enough of buying food from trucks, why wouldn’t they want to adopt an adorable kitten from a moving vehicle? This was the thought of the Michaelson Found Animals Foundation, Inc. when they created the Catty Wagon. Founded in Los Angeles, the foundation’s goal is to make the major city a no-kill city and they have all the right aspects to make this a meowing success.

Just As Cute As It Sounds

Any truck with a name like the Catty Wagon has to live up to its name and this one surely does. Before you even venture inside and see all of the adoptable kittens, the outside looks like a cat, too. Painted an eye-catching orange color, this mobile shelter even has two pointy ears just like your favorite felines. On the hood, an orange nose can be found, as well as whiskers to the right and left of it. If you’re driving behind this fun truck, you can’t miss the fact that you’re behind the Catty Wagon judging from the bold, blue lettering, as well as the bright orange tail rising above the top of the truck. You’ll have a hard time not following the truck wherever it goes if you’re in the market to give a kitten a forever home or if you just like petting them.

Life Inside The Catty Wagon

Some may assume that life for the kittens inside of the Catty Wagon isn’t pleasant. Do these delicate animals really enjoy riding around in a truck all day? Well, if the truck is decked out like this one, you bet they do! There are six individual condos that the kittens call home when they’re on the road. When the truck is parked at events, passersby can peek into the windows and see the animals and vice versa. As potential owners climb onboard to spend time with the precious balls of fur, they can use one of the two meet and greet rooms to interact with the kittens. In addition, there is an array of feline-related merchandise that any cat will love.

The Catty Wagon Mission

As mentioned previously, the creators of the Catty Wagon hope to promote a no-kill culture in Los Angeles. In the US, fewer dogs are euthanized each year than cats. Efforts like this mobile shelter could promote kitten adoption by those who either find the traditional shelter depressing or simply a hassle to get to. In effort to ensure that lost cats are returned to their owners and not the local shelter, all cats adopted from the Catty Wagon are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. The Michaelson Found Animals Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, so every cent spent either on their website ( or in their truck goes directly towards saving more animals.


Would you adopt a kitten from the Catty Wagon?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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