Cancel Your Butt Injection: Some Terrifying Failures

There’s no denying most men can appreciate a nice round ass. It has been the subject of a variety of songs and continues to inspire internet memes and other conversations. Most notably, men commonly identify as being either a “boob man or a butt man.” With such an interest in these disproportionate butts, women around the world (most notably in the United States) are looking for ways to get plastic and reconstructive surgery to help them have a little more junk in their trunk. Unfortunately, when they find the price tag attached to medically accepted methods, they sometimes take matters into their own hands.

Why Injections are A Bad Idea

Even normal butt injections carry some level of risk and those who go through backdoor (pun intended) channels can find themselves in a big pile of shit (also intended). Among the risks, you can cause severe damage to the butt area, kidney failure, or even death. Of course, sometimes the biggest risk to getting these injections is to your own pride. Unsafe methods or not, they definitely make your butt look big, but not in a good way.

This image does a perfect job of illustrating just how wrong things can go. Rather than get that perfectly round butt you have been looking for, you might end up with an unnatural rear end that will scare your own mother away. Of course, that might not be as bad as this concoction.

Made with a mixture of cement, fix-a-flat, and super glue, this unnatural butt injection is definitely one to avoid.

Or, one like this, which is absolutely terrifying.

You could also end up with your implants turning inside out, which is never a good look.

What Is the Safe Way?

If you just can’t live with your tiny back side then there are some safe ways to get a little lift in the behind. There are two “safe” ways to get an implant. The “best” way is to use your own fat. In this procedure, a licensed plastic surgeon will actually take fat from other areas of your body where you might not want it, and carefully inject that fat into your butt. Though the actual process is a bit more complicated than this, they essentially reshape your body and use your own fat, which has a very low risk (assuming it is done by a qualified plastic surgeon). Alternatively, doctors can also use a silicon implant. For women who don’t really have much fat to pull from, or who otherwise don’t want the fat transfer, an implant can be done with fairly low risk. Still, silicone carries its own problems and can lead to complications.

Of course, getting a proper fat transfer can be costly, with some surgeons suggesting it starts in the mid thousands and advising it could be even more. Perhaps the better answer isn’t to forcibly alter your body and just take some pride in what you already have. You may not have too much junk in your trunk, but let’s be honest, it really doesn’t matter that much.


Have you heard any other horror stories about butt injections gone wrong? Would you ever get a butt augmentation? 




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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