It ranks up there in the top 10 words in the English language; maybe the top five. They are fun to talk about, fun to look at, and let’s face it -they are fun to touch. While there may be the constant debate between men about whether they are a boob-man or a butt-man, no one can really avoid the fun that these round lumps of fat offer to all parties involved. But, why is there such an obsession with woman’s breasts? Is it all a marketing ploy that has created such a high demand, or is there really some evolutionary reason that men enjoy them so much? Fortunately, science has some answers for you.

It’s All About Reproduction Fitness

One of the most common explanations scientists have to offer about boobs is that the obsession stems from an evolutionary need for reproductive fitness. As women produce the hormones, specifically estrogen, the size of their breasts can actually change. During high fertility, more estrogen is produced and breasts grow. In effect, larger boobs mean a higher chance that you can get her pregnant. While society today might lead you to avoid pregnancy, evolutionary desire is to do the deed. After all, biological life forms serve two major purposes: survive and replicate. If you aren’t doing these things, then your body is going to continue pushing you forward.

Or, Maybe It’s About Neurotransmitters

Of course, Psychology Today offers more reasons than just one that you might be drawn to those glorious boobs. Instead of just the reproduction factor, there is also the long-standing evolutionary tradition of breast-feeding. Whether you were breastfed or not, natural selection does some strange things. Among those things, you have a natural draw towards sources of oxytocin, the chemical that is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone.” What happens to be one of natures best sources of oxytocin? That’s right -boobs. More specifically, oxytocin is released when you breast feed, bonding the mother and child for life. So, it makes sense that as men grow older they continue to have an attraction towards woman’s breasts.

Other Theories About Boobs

The truth is, there are a lot of theories as to why men are attracted to boobs. From person to person, the exact reason could vary significantly, and many still suggest that modern marketing has had an impact on the current obsession. After all, not all men are attracted to larger breasts -some prefer them to be smaller. Despite this, these scientific explanations are a good starting point and they are not the only explanation out there. For instance, another common theory is that the human body was simply designed to highlight those sexual features. Just as a man’s penis is known for standing out from the rest of his body, boobs can act as a sort of beacon to draw attention. Alternatively, some stress the cultural development. Long ago, before modern refrigeration and medicine, people had a much harder time surviving. In fact, starvation was a common issue no matter where you went (unless you were royalty). In this way, larger breasts were a signal that a woman had better fat reserves. These fat reserves meant she was more fit as a caretaker, which made her prime mating material.

So, whichever theory you want to accept, there are plenty of reasons that people are so drawn to boobs. So, if you have them, carry them with pride. If not, go ahead and enjoy them -just do it respectfully.


Which of these theories about boobs do you think is most accurate? Are there any other reasons for the obsession with boobs that you have heard? Let us know what you think below.




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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