With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Christmas season is almost upon us. The holidays always generate a sense of excitement because presents are everywhere! Loved ones sharing gifts, people giving back to the poor, and everyone sharing the love despite chilly weather is why we love this time of the year so much. Wondering what the best toys for Christmas 2015 are? Here this year’s best holiday toys for kids of all ages – even some for adults nostalgic for the ’90s.

Anki Overdive Starter Kit

The Anki Overdive Starter Kit is one of the Best Toys for Christmas 2015

Anki Overdive Starter Kit (The Toy Insider)

What better way to embrace 2015 than with an amazing racetrack kit that uses artificial intelligence and robotics to help cars maneuver their way around? The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit makes use of smart technology to guide cars across the track. The track is also very flexible and children can design their own via expansion packs. The kit is also easily integrated with smartphones, so children can enjoy an even more entertaining game by controlling their cars via their phones. Christmas mornings are now more fun than ever with this high-tech toy.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Oven is one of the Best Toys for Christmas 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Oven (The Toy Insider)

Any TMNT fan will know that ninjas can’t end a day without delicious pizza! You could very well make your own pizza with this simple oven in just 15 minutes, and this oven is a fun toy for your kids to embrace a little 90s culture.


The newsest version of the View-Master is one of the Best Toys for Christmas 2015

View Master (The Toy Insider)

This toy gives you loads of nostalgia, but this time with a technological boost. The popular View-Master has been redefined to give kids of today the enjoyment of being transported to a faraway land with the prowess of augmented and virtual realities. Children can immerse themselves more readily with this device as they visit space or even tour the Statue of Liberty.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage is one of the Best Toys for Christmas 2015

Hot Wheels Ultimate Auto Garage (The Toy Insider)

Young car enthusiasts can enjoy this comprehensive garage for their Hot Wheels cars. The toy comes with a 36-car capacity garage, tracks, and a gas station that children can play with. Additionally, a helicopter has been thrown in to add to the fun.

Disney Frozen Sing-Along Elsa Doll

We're not quite sure why a character from a movie from last year is one of the Best Toys for Christmas 2015

Disney Frozen Sing Along Elsa Doll (The Toy Insider)

“Frozen” fever is still here and for children who would love to sing along to “Let It Go,” this Elsa doll will be the perfect Christmas gift. It combines the traditional doll with a fun upgrade so they can sing along to the hit songs of the movie. The doll is also smart because if your child starts singing along, the doll will stop singing and let your child take the stage.

These five holiday toys are great for children because they combine both that nostalgic sense of tradition with technology to make these toys fun and educational.

Which is your favorite holiday toy? What do you think the best toys for Christmas 2015 are?