Halloween in a fun time of year as it gives everyone an excuse to act, dress, and decorate a little crazy. All of the costumes and decorations present a dilemma though. Should you buy everything or go the DIY route. Whether you are an avid DIYer or just want to save some money this Halloween, here are some of the best DIY Halloween decorations.

Trash Bag Spider Webs

Who doesn’t love creepy spiders and spider webs for Halloween decorations? After all, black spiders and webs just seem a natural part of Halloween. You can make your own Halloween spider webs with just trash bags and scissors.

Just fold the bag and cut out notches to make cool trash bag spider webs. The technique is similar to making paper snowflakes. Watch the video to see how simple it is to make these DIY Halloween decorations.

Haunted Room

Hosting a Halloween party and want to set the right mood in the room? Drape white sheets over the furniture, and then string some white cheesecloth, muslin, or gauze around mirrors or doors to simulate cobwebs. You could also use trash bag spider webs indoors as well. If you want to go even further, put black candles in the candle holders.

Recycled Can Halloween Luminaries

Pumpkin Jack-o’-Lantern luminaries are a tried and true Halloween favorite for both children and adults. Unfortunately, pumpkins are messy and do not last very long. A variation on the Jack-o’-Lantern replaces the pumpkin with a recycled metal can.

Instead of sending your used tin cans to be recycled, just clean them, paint the outside to suit your artistic tastes, drill or punch holes in a pattern on the side of the can, and light with a candle inside. Not only are these recycled can Halloween luminaries a fun DIY project, they are also reusable year after year.

Miniature “Pumpkin” Party Favors

Everyone loves party favors at a fun gathering, and a Halloween bash is no exception. For a fun, easy, and memorable DIY Halloween decoration, you can make miniature pumpkin party favors. Place a few goodies on a small square of orange tissue paper, wrap the edges together in one bundle, and wrap the “stem” with green tape. That’s all it takes to make pumpkin party favors that your friends will still be talking about next Halloween.

“Pumpkin” Balloon Pinatas

Pinatas are always good for party fun. An easy and fun DIY project is to make pumpkin balloon pinatas. Start with orange balloons, drop in a few goodies, and blow up the balloon. Draw a Jack-o’-Lantern or other Halloween decoration on the balloons with a marker, or glue on paper or fabric decoration. These balloon pinatas will be ready for Halloween fun.


What are your favorite DIY Halloween decorations?




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