Should We Be Banning Bottled Water on College Campuses?

Everyone has had bottled water at one time or another; and if you regularly enjoy it, then you undoubtedly have your favorite brand you turn to. Of course, the reality is that bottled water is a relatively recent fad, with its popularity only spiking in the 1990s. Since that time, we have learned a lot about caring for the environment and with the high number of bottled used every day, it might be past due for us to change our habits. At least that’s what the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (IMF) would suggest.

The Truth About Bottled Water

If you’ve done any amount of research into bottled water, you already understand that this is an industry built on deceit. Oftentimes, their product not only tastes worse than tap water, but it also suffers from additional pollutants. If you haven’t done the research, then you should put aside 8 minutes of your day to watch this video:

Going along with this mindset, the ISF is calling for college students around the country to petition their campuses to ban water bottles. Of course, is banning them really the right answer?

Removing Water Bottles from Public Universities

The ISF wants individuals to start standing up against the water companies. Their college program was designed to guide students on how they can start making the changes locally. By using their resources, students can petition their school officials and start banning bottled water. In their place, they can start using refillable bottles and rely more on hydration stations, which are becoming increasingly popular around the country already.

The Challenge of Making This Change

For a private institution, it is really simple to make changes in policy. For instance, many restaurants have banned their customers from using electronic cigarettes inside in fear that it will be off-putting to other guests. All it takes for this type of policy is enough voices and the administration’s cooperation, making it a viable option for private schools. On the other hands, a public university is run by State money and passing this sort of ban on water bottles may raise some objections from liberty-minded individuals.

Alternatives to Banning Bottled Water?

Of course, there is an easier approach that would not rub anyone the wrong way and help naturally diminish the presence of these bottles on the campus. Instead of forbidding students from having these bottles, perhaps students should try setting up their own local campaigns to increase the use of reusable bottles. If they petition for more hydration stations around campus, they can have access to clean water that they can use. Rather than taking something away from people, they create options. With enough of a push, they can start making sure that reusable bottles become the fad and anyone who uses an old plastic bottle will be looked at like they have three heads. In essence, they will be reversing the efforts that the bottled water companies started with.

What If You Aren’t In College?

But, what if you have moved on past college and find that your workplace abuses plastic bottles? Or, what if you aren’t yet in college and want to make a difference? Either way, you can follow the same strategy. Start small by setting an example yourself and then work to make changes in your local community. Though banning bottled waters may seem extreme, the end goal is definitely worthwhile. It just might not be the right way to approach it.


What do you think? Should officials consider banning bottled water on campuses? 




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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