Anyone Will Enjoy Camping with This High Tech Camping Gear

Though normal people actually go camping to enjoy nature, most Americans today seem more interested in taking technology with them. Instead of getting satisfaction from building their own fire bowl, setting up a proper lean-to, and purifying water by boiling it, they now look for ways to avoid nature altogether. So, without trying to figure out why these weirdos decided to go “camping” in the first place and didn’t just stay at home like the wimpy city-lovers they are, here are some ideas for high tech camping gear to completely ruin your experience out in nature.

This Weird Solar Tent

As far as camping gear goes, a tent is a pretty basic item. In most cases, you will want a lightweight tent so it doesn’t weigh you down as you hike. Of course, anyone who would use this tent is probably only 10 feet away from his or her car, so it really doesn’t matter what it weighs. What does matter is that this tent provides WiFi, can be used to charge your electronics, and runs off of solar energy. Technology: 1, Nature: 0.

Try a Cave Tent Instead

This one may not have the same features as the solar tent, but it is still a major cop-out. Sure, it looks neat, but are the 5-1o minutes it takes to pitch a normal tent really so difficult that you need a 1-minute self-inflating tent? Have some dignity. You have probably never built any sort of shelter on your own, have you? You don’t deserve to call yourself a camper if you use this tent. Technology: 2, Nature: 0.

Listen to Some Music While You’re at It

Sure, there is a running river only fifty feet from your camp site, and yes, there are plenty of animals to be found out in the wilderness, but by all means, why not sit inside that fancy tent of yours and listen to music? If you hope to do so, these Fugoo speakers are just what you need. Designed to be waterproof, drop-proof, and pretty much life-proof, these speakers can take a huge beating. This is actually a practical invention, but listening to music is not what camping was made for. Technology: 3, Nature: 0.

Walk Around at Night

If you are really camping, then you should understand that most predators hunt at night. Knowing this, and understanding that you can’t see as well at night, you do your hiking during the day. Not only is it safer, but you get to see more. Of course, some wise guys think it’s a good idea to use your map and navigate unknown terrain in the dark. Those guys invented the overly complicated NAO. The light senor technology automatically adjusts to meet your lighting needs, but how often will you really get to utilize this?

Cook and Charge All at Once

Starting a fire while you are out in the wilderness is one of the most important survival strategies. You need to have the right understanding of fire starting, and most campers prefer to take a good flint or matches to get them started. While there is nothing wrong with carrying these tools, things have gone a little too far when you start using this BioLite CampStove. Built to capture the energy from the burned wood you use, this stove will charge your electronic devices while you cook. This might be a cool feature, but if you are really camping, you aren’t talking on your cell phone anyways.

Filter Your Water With LifeStraw

OK, this one might actually have some merit. If you have ever actually camped before (though odds are if you like this other gear, you haven’t), then you realize that treating water can be a royal pain. Whether it is boiling the water, using iodine tablets, or filtering with activated charcoal, there is a definite process involved in drinking from the wilderness. This beautiful piece of technology allows you to actually enjoy nature without worrying about getting bad water, which is definitely something an outdoorsman can respect.

So, if you want to get out and really camp, forget about all this fancy technology. But, if you are incapable of surviving on your own, then some of this gear might help do the trick.


Do you think high tech gear has a place in camping? If so, what is your favorite piece of high tech camping gear?





Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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