Whether you visit the strip club every weekend or would never dream of stepping inside of one, there are facts about dancing you probably haven’t heard before. They’re so strange they’ll make for the perfect conversation starter at any party (as long as your parents aren’t involved). From tax deductions to day jobs, here are some bizarre stripper facts:

Tax Deductible Breasts

If you’re a female stripper or exotic dancer, you can actually write your breast implants off as a business expense. After all, the size of your chest could be a direct correlation to the size of your income. After a woman spoke to the IRS about this issue, they agreed her breasts could be considered a “stage prop,” which made them tax deductible.

Dollar Coins Thrown At Strippers

There are some strip clubs in Canada that allow clients to throw dollar coins at the dancers. There have even been reports of people heating the coins with a lighter in the hopes of harming the dancer. It begs to wonder, do they issue an old-style coin belt to each dancer at the beginning of their shift?

Lap Dances At Funerals

While some areas of the world view funerals as a time to mourn, other places view them as a time to celebrate the life of the deceased. There are families who actually hire burlesque dancers to appear at their loved one’s funeral. The added entertainment not only encourages more people to attend the funeral, but it’s also a way to show off the family’s wealth.

Teaching As A Day Job

Strippers come from all different walks of life. Many come from middle class backgrounds, with an average age of 24. Many strippers maintain a second job to supplement their income. While their careers vary, around 14 percent teach during daylight hours.

Strip Club Shortage In Canada

There was a time when Canada had a shortage of strip clubs. The industry was so desperate to fix the issue they actually had stripper scouts attend job fairs aimed at high school and college students, claiming burlesque dancing paid well, offered flexible hours, and could help pay for college tuition.

Ovulation Is A Money Maker

During ovulation a woman’s body emits specific pheromones. Those pheromones can lead to dollar signs for some strip club owners. Some believe just being around a woman who is ovulating can lead to increased sexual desire, resulting in increased tips from strip club patrons. Not only does a woman’s body release sexually appealing pheromones, but some women tend to look and feel more attractive during ovulation. The hope is the women will feel sexier, dancing more erotically to entice dollar-toting onlookers.

High Job Satisfaction

Despite taking off their clothes for money, dealing with raunchy customers, and working multiple jobs, most strippers are actually happy with their profession. Multiple surveys have asked strippers to rank their happiness, and most of them respond positively. The majority even say they’d recommend stripping to a friend.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a strip club? Would you ever consider stripping as a source of income?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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