5 Reasons Japanese Macaque Are Our Fantasy Pet

Everyone wants an exotic pet. Some dream about having a tiger, others would like to own a giant snake, and still others wish they could have a dolphin at their home. Of course, most of these animals are not practical, and present more challenges than they are worth. Instead, people who want an exotic pet should consider the macaque snow monkey.

The most cold-tolerant of all non-human primates, the macaque snow monkey is a fascinating species. With an unusual community structure and a high tolerance for cold temperatures, they are native to the country of Japan and maintain a strong population. So, why are they our fantasy pet?

1. They Are Downright Adorable

If that face isn’t cute, then nothing is. When you need a pet that will naturally put a smile on the face of your guests, these monkeys will never disappoint.

Of course, looking cute isn’t really enough to justify a pet, or is it?

2. They Are Smart

When you decide that “being adorable” is not enough, then consider how smart these monkeys are. Though their communication is crude, they do practice open communication with a series of different calls, making for a seemingly organized method.

3. They Can Be Trained

More importantly, wild macaque snow monkeys have been observed learning from example. Among these learned traits, scientists studied as a tribe of them learned how to wash and season sweat potatoes by dipping them into salt water. Though it started with just one monkey, the others watched and quickly began to emulate the task, suggesting that they are capable of being trained.

4. They Are Affectionate

But let’s face it, people want pets so they can forget for a while that they don’t get enough human interaction. This is where that affectionate side of the snow monkeys comes into play.

5. They Interact Well With Humans

Though their natural instinct tells them to fear humans, over the years they have come to interact peacefully with us. Prior to some environmental changes, they stayed out of the city but in more recent years they have been known to live in even some of the larger urban areas. When they do live among human populations, they have been shown to interact well with the humans, which would seem to suggest they can be domesticated.

How Does It Add Up?

If you want a human friendly, smart, and adorable pet that can also put up with the extreme cold, the macaque snow monkey is an awesome choice. Is it legal to own? Probably not. But hey, you can dream, right?


So, do you think the Japanese macaque would make a good pet? If so, what would be your top reason?





Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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