5 Completely and Totally Serious Reasons Why ’90s Boy Bands Did It Better

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5 Completely and Totally Serious Reasons Why ’90s Boy Bands Did It Better

Do you have someone in your life that believes One Direction and The Wanted are, like, the greatest of all time? Or maybe you’re just shaking your head at the screaming, worshiping fans who don’t have the faintest clue who paved the road for these fitted-jeaned, messy-haired, baby-faced boys. Well, it’s time to sit down for a little history lesson. Back when overalls were undeniably cool and Friends was guiltily (or guiltlessly) your favorite show, boy bands arguably ruled the world. Because let’s face it: boy bands were better in the ’90s. And even though “Story of My Life” gets stuck in our heads, it doesn’t compare to “I Want It That Way.”

Here are 5 completely and totally serious reasons why boy bands did it better in the ’90s.


Ever heard of JC leaving NSYNC? That’s because it didn’t happen. ’90s boy bands were devoted during their heyday, they stuck it out, and didn’t abandon their band-mates to be “normal” 22-year-olds. *Cough* Zayn Malik. How selfish.


Remember that whole purity rings fiasco with The Jonas Brothers? Not the case in the ’90s. Boy band members were definitely getting laid (and if you believe this site, apparently a lot), everyone knew it, and the only people who cared were the guys who were jealous…or the older girls who wanted to sleep with them.


Today’s boy bands can in no way, on any level, compete with these promo shots.


’90s boy band members just don’t age, and when they do, they tend to look better. Granted, today’s boy bands haven’t had a chance to age. But will they look as good as AJ and Jonathon? Doubtful.

Staying Power

Some ’90s boy bands – notably super group NKOTBSB – are still selling out stadiums, making girls (and guys) scream and dance, and rocking sweet outfits. We call them “man bands” now. They have no shame. And it’s awesome.

Record Sales

Of the top 10 best-selling boy bands of all time, 6 were active in the ’90s – Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, NSYNC, Westlife, and Take That. And the top top-selling boy band of all time? That would be the Backstreet Boys, with more than 130 million records sold.

And if anyone needs any other reason why ’90s boy bands were the best, just listen to “MMMBop.”

Got another sort of serious reason why ’90s boy bands did it best? Let us know!




Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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