Hot Springs: a location where geothermally-heated groundwater emerges from the earth’s crust to provide homo sapiens with dihydrogen monoxide that exceeds standard thermal energy levels. Or, as most people would prefer to look at it, a location where groundwater is heated more than usual and ends up on the earth’s surface for people to enjoy. Often times, these hot springs show up in some of the coldest and most unexpected places, which make them a real welcome addition to the landscape. The provide a warm haven and a beautiful sight to behold; if you haven’t gone to one before, you really don’t know what you are missing out on. They say there is no time like the present, so if you happen to be around Oregon this season, you’ll want to check out these 5 hot springs in the area.

1. McCredie Hot Spring

A great entry-level place to explore for those who don’t worry about their modesty all that much, these beautiful springs are located off Highway 58 as you head toward Willamette Pass. These springs feature both a large party pool and some smaller rock-lined pools. Each of them has temperatures around 95-105 degrees. Of course, clothing is optional and often neglected, so don’t go if you are shy about these things.

2. Bagby Hot Springs

This one is a bit different, as it uses man-made accomodations to help enhance the feel. The water from these springs are funneled into hollowed-out oaks or old whiskey barrels to provide an extremely rustic feel. To get there, you must hike 1.5 miles through a beautiful forest trail southeast of Estacada. Once you arrive, you will find that bathhouses and cabins provide a relaxing destination. Sometimes, heavy snowfall can close off the path, but in general you can make the hike and enjoy water temperatures up to 136 degrees for only $5.

3. McKenzie River Hot Springs

Though they are not actually called by this name, there are two different hot springs along the McKenzie river that might capture your attention. Deer Creek is the smaller of the two and offers a collection of pools along the bank. Alternatively, the Cougar Hot Springs are another popular option. If you want a quick, free dip, Deer Creek is the way to go; but if you are willing to stop and spend $5 for some time, Cougar is sure to deliver.

4. Paulina Lake Hot Springs

A different experience to be sure, these natural hot springs offer visitors a fun adventure of sorts. The reason for this is that the water is usually hidden from view. Often times, when you take the journey to this area, you will not even realize you have found them until you are on top of them. Take a shovel with you and you can burrow out your own little paradise as temperatures can reach up to 113 degrees.

5. Umpqua Hot Springs

106-degree water, a beautiful atmosphere, and a river trail to get there makes these hot springs a great option for anyone around Roseburg. You can enjoy the small, natural pool that rests along the bare cliff and really give yourself a relaxing trip into the great outdoors.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting any of these hot springs? Are there any others around Oregon that you would recommend?



Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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