VidComp: People Getting Scared… Because It’s Funny

A pastime of the season is the artful sport of spooks. Scaring each other to rather comedic, if sometimes violent, effect. That’s what this week’s video compilation is all about. People getting the s*** scared out of them.

VidComp: People Getting Scared… Because It’s Funny

This week we bring you a mishmash of craziness and screams! No one is safe. Children, the elderly, the feeble, all are fair game!

Kickstarting the video is the all too famous boyfriend/girlfriend duo of prank vs. prank. He’s a big guy but she really knows how to take a punch (that sounds wrong).

Then we see another big guy loose his s*** over a giant fake spider. It’s really quite glorious.

There is some freaky the snowman action as well as at least one seran wrap to the face prank followed by a collection of screen startle scares.

Ahh, the sound of terror.

This is my favorite time of year.

It’s that time of season, time to comment and share, that is. Tell us all about the time you scared the living s*** out of your closest friends and family. And hey, why not do it again, and film it? Then you can share their exact moment of questioning your friendship with the world!!