4 Free Browser Games Guaranteed to Enthrall You

If you have spare time and no interest in doing anything meaningful with your life, read on; these four free browser games are guaranteed to enthrall you, slowly whittling away your time and interest until your life is in shambles. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Check out the list below:

Rebuild 2

The war is over. They won. You’re trying to pick up the pieces in the blind spot of an unending zombie horde. You come to find yourself leading a few survivors. They can build, scout, capture, scavenge, defend, research, and attack. The zombies hordes will be bearing down stronger with every strike, but under your leadership your survivors will fortify and expand your territory. It’s an excellent form of zombified turn-based strategy, and for a browser game it has some depth. Survivors can hone their skills and wield tools and weapons. Spontaneous events can save or sabotage your progress.

Play the game for free at: ArmorGames.com

Infectonator 2

Zombie killing has been done. Creepy zombies, friendly zombies, nazi zombies, we’ve seen and killed them all. So why don’t the zombies ever get a chance? Infectonator 2 gives the player a chance to lead the scourge. Each level is set in a different city, beginning with a simple click starting the zombie scourge. Victories lead to the awesome goal of complete world domination and the eradication of the human race. As you conquer cities, ranging from Hanoi to Santa’s workshop, you accumulate money which allows you to expand the capabilities of your zombification, and put hearty special zombies at your disposal.

Play the game for free at: Kongregate.com

GemCraft: Chasing Shadows

The latest iteration of the GemCraft series is perhaps the finest and most complex tower defense game available. With over 150 custom maps offering a vast range of difficulty and progression, GemCraft offers a challenging, immersive experience. Basically, you’re trying to protect an orb from monsters, using gems. Easy enough? But there are 9 different types of gem, all of which can be upgraded, combined, detonated, or simply planted in a tower to shoot at monsters, among other functions. Combined with skills, talisman, achievements, mana bonuses– It’s a serious tower defense experience. And uniquely dynamic among the genre. Every level demands a slightly different strategy. As soon as you’ve ground your way up one plateau you hit another — but the game offers enough challenge, and souped-up map re-playability that grinding is fun, and the levels fly by.

Play the game for free at: ArmorGames.com

Monkey City

Bloons TD 5, which is the fifth iteration of the ‘Bloons’ franchise, has been selectively omitted from this list as it is on every list, and somewhat tedious. Monkey City has it’s own domain of tedium: it will take a few dozen hours of gameplay before you can unlock your first fully upgraded tower. But it’s fun, combining the multiplayer empire-building thing that is so popular, with tower defense. Players capture tiles in little defense matches, then build various building that expand and enhance your army. As your empire grows, look out for surprise attacks from other players! Bloons Monkey City is a refreshing, and thoroughly addicting take on the TD Genre.

Play the game for free at: NinjaKiwi.com


Additional image: Appszoom