3D Printing Helps 2-Legged Puppy Walk Again

Despite all of the horrific things happening around the world, the truth is there has never been a better time to live than today. Not only are some of the more important technologies becoming more affordable, but they are becoming easier for individuals to produce. In fact, technology is getting to the point more and more people are able to afford luxuries previously reserved for the absurdly wealthy. Among those technologies, 3D printing is making a major impact and those who care about man’s best friend will appreciate this particular application.

Focusing on dogs that have either been born without or have lost their front legs, people have worked to develop some unique and interesting new technologies.

3D Printing Your Puppy’s New Legs

In this adorable video, you see individuals at the Ohio University Innovation Center attempting to fit Tumbles, the adorable puppy born without front legs, with a new 3D printed wheelchair. Although this first attempt doesn’t fit quite perfectly, it is a fine example of just how far 3D printing technology has come. Of course, while they work to perfect this particular application, others have already given their puppies the ability to walk thanks to similar approaches.

TurboRoo, the Chihuahua

Another wheeled attempt for a dog born without front legs, TurboRoo is living a much more mobile life thanks to the attempts at creating a 3D printed cart. As you can see in the video, there have been a variety of improvements made to the cart over time, but so far he is able to move around much more easily thanks to the wheeled design. In this case, TurboRoo has also acquired his own bit of fame online, garnering tens of thousands of Facebook fans.

Meet Bubbles

Bubbles is another puppy born without front legs and another story of owners who care enough to do something about it. Bubbles did not have the advantage of having his own front legs at birth, but once again 3D printing has played its part and allowed this dog to really get a feel for normal life. While this video doesn’t give many details, this 2-legged wiener dog has had his life transformed by the convenient wheels attached to his upper torso. Like the other puppies, this shows just how effective a wheeled design can be at helping dogs get around. Of course, this is not the only option when it comes to 3D printing.

Derby the Dog

Derby found himself in a different position as he was born with deformed front legs. Though it might seem like he was better off than those without legs at all, in some ways it actually made movement even more difficult. After discovering a pre-made cart was not going to do the trick for Derby, his owners turned to 3D printing as well. This time, they actually printed their own sort of legs that now allow him to run like any other dog.

Are there any other stories of puppies gaining mobility thanks to 3D printing? What other uses do you foresee 3D printing having on the future?




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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