19 of the Best Cards Against Humanity Combos

To many people, Cards Against Humanity is, without a doubt, one of the best card games ever. It’s the go-to game for any gathering, and is a great way to break awkward silences at parties. It’s also a perfect tool to get to know if the people around you are just as horrible as you are.

Cards Against Humanity is superb for many reasons, one of which is that the makers sent boxes of actual sterilized bull poop to people who bought their game on Black Friday in 2014 as a way to protest the “holiday,” later donating all proceeds to charity.

The founders recently hosted an aldermanic debate in their office for candidates running in the 2nd Ward in Chicago as a way to get younger people involved in the election.

The makers also bought a private island in Maine, dubbed “Hawaii 2,” and licensed one square foot of the island to each of its 250,000 closest friends and players.

They’ve also released The ’90s Nostalgia Pack for all of us who want to reminisce about a time when scrunchies and Doritos 3Ds reigned supreme.

But the number one reason Cards Against Humanity is the best card game ever is simple: it makes you laugh by forcing you and the people around you to consider all that is both true and messed up in the world. Because when someone throws down “Dead babies: kid-tested, mother-approved,” all you can do is shake your head, join the collective round of protesting “Noooooo,” and laugh to get through it.

Without further ado, here are the best Cards Against Humanity combinations that have shown up in various games that I’ve played. And by “best,” I really mean horrible.


Cards Against Humanity combos

Cards Against Humanity combos

Afghanistan -- Whoop-Ass

American Indians -- Dying

Church -- Sadness

Department of -- Poor People

Hannah Montana -- Clit

JK Rowling -- Pedophiles

Laid -- Roofies

Party -- Black People

Police Brutality -- Die

Road Head -- Last Drop

Santa -- Hope

Sean Penn -- Third World

Slippery -- Altar Boys -- Handjob

Teach America -- Pretending

Trap -- World Peace

White People -- Free Samples


Is Cards Against Humanity a no-brainer as “the best card game ever?” If not, what’s your favorite card game?

 Images: Emily Koo



Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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