14 Ideas for Your Next (or First) Tattoo

The permanence of a tattoo can be a little frightening for those of us who are indecisive. What should we get!? What would we be comfortable with having on our bodies for the rest of our lives!? Well rest easy, because there are a lot of fantastic options out there. Here are some ideas for people who want a tattoo, but aren’t sure what they want.

Borrow from some of the fantastic lyricists out there.

Your favorite literary pieces are most certainly quotable.

Consider a portrait of a pop culture figure or someone you admire.

A tattoo of your favorite cartoon, video game character, or comic book character can look really cool or adorably cute.

Something related to your family lineage is always a safe bet.

For all you photography buffs, cameras are a fun subject.

There are some surprisingly awesome tattoos that center on food.

Getting a tattoo of, say, the flowers from your wedding day can be both meaningful and beautiful.

Those of us with strong loyalty to our home state could go for a state outline; you might even choose your specific county lines.

An abstract rendition or colorful inking of an animal is super eye catching.

Pets are like children, so a tribute to your beloved companion is always fitting.

Maybe a nautical theme?

Feathers are ever popular and stunningly lovely.

And some people decide on sentimental portraits of their children or their names.

Remember, the more personal the subject of the tattoo is to you, the more likely you will love it forever and ever. Still unsure, undecided, or terrified? Keep in mind there’s a whole field related to covering up that old tattoo you thought was a good idea at the time.


Do you have a fun tattoo idea? What tattoo(s) do you have that you’re proud of?

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Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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