12 Unbelievable Uses for Tequila

National Tequila Day is one of my personal favorite July holidays; and to celebrate this boozy occasion, here are 12 reasons why tequila is more than just for making bad decisions. Tequila helps with quite a few problems, and white girl dancing is just one of them!

Tequila can be used as a cold or flu remedy

Warmed up with honey and lemon, tequila naturally rids the body of toxins and helps to stimulate sweating as well as reducing high fevers.

Tequila can actually be used to create diamonds

A recent discovery proved tequila can be used to create synthetic diamonds – yes, diamonds! Tequila blanco was used to conduct electricity, which formed into crystals similar to fake diamonds. The diamonds were then used to function as extreme temperature shielding for silicon-based electronic components. But the most important part is they’re sparkly!

Tequila helps you sleep

Due to tequila’s calming properties, it can be used as a sleep aid. One shot of tequila will help you fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper.

Tequila is a “natural” painkiller

It’s obvious drinking alcohol alleviates pain. Just don’t use it to cure your inner pain, or else you’ll end up going to AA.

Tequila as a weight loss supplement

The agave plant has long been lauded by scientists for lowering cholesterol and melting fat. Unfortunately, these benefits are attenuated when refined into alcohol. Nevertheless, there are still weight loss benefits to drinking tequila in moderation. Just don’t mix it up in a sugary margarita.

 Tequila as a sterilizer

We’ve all seen those Antonio Banderas movies where he casually pours tequila over his wounds after being shot repeatedly. Who knew it actually works in real life? So skip the rubbing alcohol and go straight for the tequila – you’ll look like a badass.

Tequila relieves colon problems

Scientists at Mexico’s University of Guadalajara concluded blue agave helps to distribute drugs to the colon in order to treat colitis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, and even cancer. It also assists with digestion and constipation.

 Blue agave is the new hemp

Blue agave fibers can be used to make rugs, rope, mops, and baskets.

 Tequila helps with anxiety

Tequila has the ability to decrease anxiety and stress. But then again, all alcohol does this, which is why people refer to it as “liquid courage.”

 Tequila is an aphrodisiac

Instead of “beer goggles,” put on some “tequila goggles” and see how the night ends. One thing’s for sure, it’s guaranteed to be sexy.

Tequila prevents high blood pressure and diabetes

We already know tequila helps with weight loss and anxiety, but it also thwarts high blood pressure and diabetes – perhaps these things are all related.

Tequila as biofuel.

Researchers at the University of Oxford made it evident tequila can be used as an alternative energy source in 2011. Will we be driving tequila fueled cars in the future? Who said mixing liquor and driving was bad?


How will you celebrate National Tequila Day?

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Zara Zhi
Zara Zhi
Zara is a freelance writer and filmmaker who has worked for numerous magazines and news sites. When not coming up with puns or writing screenplays, she enjoys having blind children read to her and donating plasma TVs. Follow her on Twitter: @zarazhi