11 Scariest Haunted Places in Every State: Part 2

Not to leave you hanging, here is the second grouping of the 11 most scariest haunted places in every state. We are continuing according to their submission into the Union. Enjoy the terrifying encounters and be on the lookout for the next list of haunted locations.

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12. Crybaby Lane, North Carolina

Location: Raleigh

This location was home to the Nazareth orphanage, which was demolished in the 1970s. The remains have long since been buried under Centennial Boulevard, but the spirits will not be left behind hidden under piles of dirt. Students who roam Centennial campus report the sound of crying babies. Perhaps the infants are still terrified from the many fires that ravaged the orphanage. Though no infants died in the three reported fires, one can only imagine the terror they experienced. A feeling of deep sadness has also been reported.

13. Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island

Location: Providence

This school was created to help students in the world of design, but from the amount of hauntings reported it seems to have been designed to terrify even the biggest skeptic. Reports of angry entities slamming doors in storage units, breaking windows, knocking objects from shelves, and even pushing individuals as they walk from building to building. A woman is known to appear in the girls’ bathroom of Homer hall and blood has been mysteriously found in the bottom of shower stalls. Maybe you will even encounter a ghost in one of the eerie mirrors in the Barstow house. Be prepared to learn about more than just color compatibility when you begin classes at this terrifying school.

14. Catamount Bed and Breakfast,Vermont

Location: Williston

Vermont’s first government called this location home. Maybe the sounds of friendly children laughing were his children. Apparitions have been known to wander the grounds and have been seen in the hallways late in the evening. Spending the night in this house could bring more than just a morning of homemade food.

15. Perryville Battlefield, Kentucky

Location: Perryville

At least 7600 people died at this location in Kentucky’s largest Civil War battle. The bodies of the Confederate soldiers were left on the ground to rot. This could explain the large number of sightings of ghostly soldiers on horseback. Floating orbs of ominous light have been known to traverse the grounds as well. Enjoy a bit of history…the paranormal way.

16. Old South Pittsburgh Hospital, Tennessee

Location: South Pittsburgh

The land this hospital was built on is covered in blood. From the savage slaughter of soldiers and Native Americans to the torture and murder of slaves, there is no doubt the grounds are overflowing with voices from the past: the sound of babies crying long before infants were a part of the patient roster; individuals being touched when nobody is near; carts moving and even the sounds of women screaming are common reports. If you need medical help, you may want to choose a different location to seek assistance. You may not get the help you were looking for.

17. Lake County History Center, Ohio

Location: Painesville

Once a poor house, the walls of the Lake County History Center have seen the lost and insane struggle with life. Individuals have seen floating orbs and heard disembodied voices telling them to “Get out.” Mrs. White, the poor house matron, has been seen still maintaining a vigilant watch over the property. Don’t be surprised if you hear whispers or even mysterious footsteps as you wander the property. The dead may still be waiting for help.

18. Calcasieu Courthouse, Louisiana

Location: Lake Charles

Toni Jo McQuiston (born Annie Beatrice McQuiston) was the first woman to die in Louisiana’s electric chair. In an act of desperate love, she tried to break her husband out of jail; Toni Jo stole a car and murdered the vehicle’s owner. Convicted of the crime, Toni Jo lost her life, but refuses to leave the halls where the love of her life once resided. The smell of her perfume, ghostly whispers, and terrifying screams can be heard within the walls of this building.

19. Meyer Manor, Indiana

Location: Lafayette

Brud Meyer built this house for his wife and two sets of twin daughters. The home knows sadness: the death of one of the children and also Brud’s wife. After Brud passed away, individuals who have visited report seeing his spirit still working in his shop. Other spirits seem to haunt the location as well, and they aren’t as friendly. Scratches, unexplained bruises, the feeling of despair and sadness, and dogs staring into nothing as they growl are only a few of the odd occurrences you can expect if you visit this haunted manor.

20. Devil Worshiper Road, Mississippi

Location: Waynesboro

The name alone gives you a clue into the terrible history of this road. Stories circulate of a satanic cult that murdered and sacrificed in this area. as well as a farmer who was drawn in by the devil and never escaped. People who dare to drive this road say their cars will suddenly shut down, leaving them stranded while they are accosted by unknown spirits that shake the vehicle and leave handprints in the dust. The farmer is said to have become a Satyr that wanders the area, appearing and vanishing at will.

21. Abingdon Middle School, Illinois

Location: Abingdon

A teacher who once cared for children within these walls is now said to haunt them in search of her lost child. The teacher is said to have hung herself in the stairwell after her child rode his tricycle and fell down a flight of stairs at the school and died. The sounds of terrifying screams and tricycle tires squealing are common within the school. The woman has also been sighted reunited with her child at her side.

22. High Hill Church, Alabama

Location: Jasper

You would never expect a church to hold such terror, but this place is filled with fright. One individual entered the location and began to hear the piano playing. They placed baby powder on the floor and when they heard the sound of footsteps, they saw hoof-prints appear. Needless to say, they didn’t stick around to find out what was coming. As they fled the location, the door slammed behind them and they thought they heard laughter. Be prepared to pray for protection if you dare enter this horrifying sanctuary.


The history of the United States is filled with terrifying encounters. Be ready to check out the next list of terrifying locations in part three of the Scariest Haunted Places in the States, and don’t miss part one of the series!


Do you have any stories from these locations? We’d love to hear your terrifying tales.




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