100 Years: the Movie You Will Never See (TBR 2115)

In one of the most unique advertising/team up/time capsule efforts ever seen, John Malkovich lends his critically acclaimed talents to the longest commercial ever (to be) seen.  It will take 1oo years for it to be premiered for the viewing public.  One can only imagine what platforms will be around a 100 years from now for it to be displayed.  Antique blue ray players might be too hard to find by then.  It is called “100 Years.”

What is it About?

So far, very little details of the plot have been released. We only know that it will, in part, take place in the future 100 years from now. Trying to guess what the future will be in 10 years is hard enough let alone 100. Looking back 100 years into our past, one of the best available minds then had one lone man on Mars fighting the Barsoom for the hand of a very human-looking native Martian woman.

They have given us three previews of what we can expect if we live another 100 years. Each one involves the same three actors playing the same three characters using almost the exact same dialogue. The differences are costume, set design and which future will we actually have by that time? Our choices, according to Malkovic, are “an incredibly high tech, beyond computerized version of the world, a post-Chernobyl, back to nature, semi-collapsed civilization and then there was a retro future which was how the future was imagined in science fiction of the 1940s or 50s.”  Reportedly, neither trailer shows any footage directly from the film.



This is where the advertising comes in. Ludovic du Plessis is the global executive director of the company that makes Louis XIII cognac. Louis XIII is considered one of the most sought after liquors in the world taking 100 years to age before it is opened. The bottles new on the shelf today were started before the United States entered World War I. One bottle can cost $3400! That is where the parallel with the movie comes in. Both the movie “100 Years” and a newly vintaged bottle of Louis XIII cognac have been placed in the time-locked safe, not to be opened until November 18, 2115. They approached Malkovic because, according to du Plessis, Malkovic is “the greatest actor of his generation.” Malkovic also has the sole writing credit.

Robert Rodriguez

Helming this feature was Robert Rodriguez, director of “From Dusk Til Dawn”, the “Sin City” and “Spy Kids” franchises and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” among others. Rodriguez revealed it will be “emotionally charged” and it will take place in the present. But what present? Ours or the present of 2115 when the film will be released? Rodriguez remained tight-lipped.


Curiously, IMDB.com has listed some puzzling information. There are only three actors in the entire production (who are also in all three trailers). Executive Producer is Gaspard Chevance who also produced a short called “Apricot” in 2009. Cinematographer is Claudio Miranda who, with 13 credits for cinematogrpahy, is well known for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Life of Pi” and “Tron: Legacy” among others.  Both Robert and Remy Rodriguez edited the project. Curiously, the only other crew member is Obi Ariguzo listed under other crew as set production assistant. That is a total of five people for a film crew. The three trailers show maginificent sets and CGI. It is hard to imagine only five people are responsible for the trailers, let alone the entire film.

Can’t wait to get your tickets? Louis XIII will be giving out 1,000 metal tickets to people they feel are influential. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, you can hand it down to your great grandchildren so they can see the premier.

What do you think?  Is this a movie or an ad campaign?

Additional Image: Photopin